Revolution in Pakistan

8 August 2016

Revolution has to be the one word, most thought of or used in Pakistan. Having being stuck as a nation as a pendulum between instability and stagnancy since the past 67 years, the notion of a revolution is what fascinates us most as a way to break through this quagmire. While a political party talks of bringing it in while sitting in the Government, others keep hankering for it. All is fine but the problem is – none other than us. Revolution is indeed the mirror of change and power of the people.

We are indulged in an unrealistic mind set where we blame others for our failure. We don’t have guts to commit our weaknesses. We are living in a place where we deny reality, our defects and mistakes and blunders of our ‘leaders’, ascribe every event to ‘foreign hands’ and search for a speck in everything to be put into the garb of conspiracy against the country. In recent years a lot of us have started to dwell in it and there is a dire need to purge out of it and trace where we went wrong.

Revolution in Pakistan Essay Example

What is meant to be understood for all Pakistanis starved for a shift in situations is that nations make countries and without us striving for a change in our way and develop the qualities of unity, faith and discipline, nothing will turn around in Pakistan. If that happens, our very own evolution will bring a silent and bloodless revolution, to which we all have the key to, in the land of pure. This is the only way to bring revolution in Pakistan. We are a nation with unlimited blessings and talent.

If we understand our basic weakness, we will be able to become the most respectful and prosper nation of the world. Specially our youth have to bring revolution in themselves. Once we become able to change ourselves, we will be able to change everything. Youth makes a significant number in our total population. So if our youth bring themselves onto the right track, revolution will came in Pakistan. A famous quote is that, “Charity begins at your own home”. So before changing others, you must begin to bring a positive change in yourselves.

Revolutions aren’t the offspring of a sudden burst of spontaneity but an intricate process that involves each and everyone and it takes years for it to apply change. I would quote Thomas Dewar as: “Minds are like parachutes, they function when open”. So we must open our minds and stop believing every news that is fed to us for without thinking, one is non-existent. To change Pakistan, first and foremost, we must transform ourselves. “The greatest revolution in our generation is that of human beings, who by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives. ” Marilyn Ferguson.

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