1 January 2018

A few memorable events that took place during the American Revolution are The Boston Massacre, The Tax Act, and the Boston Tea Party. Due to the extreme changes in political, social, and economical areas, the American Revolution was mainly a radical change. The American Revolution changed radically because of the ending of slavery, the women being looked at as they are equal to men, and the men coming together. Socially, the American Revolution changed radically because of the abolition of leaver, the women, and the men coming together.In the fifth document was written in 1961 it shows a map with dates on the states to tell you when slavery ended. Slavery completely ended in 1 865 in the south.

The northern states ended earlier and were the first to end in 1777. The seventh document was written in 1776 it is a letter written to John Adams from his wife Abigail Adams. It’s a letter to him telling him the unfairness the women have. It also states the fact that women want and deserve more freedom than they have at the moment.The letter also explains how the women are going to start fighting for their rights If they don get them soon. And document 3, written In 1797, Is a picture of men playing billiards, It Is the rich and poor men playing together. It symbolizes that It doesn’t matter what your rank or status Is and that everyone can play together and It wont matter.

Revolution Essay Example

A revolution is a thorough replacement of an established government, which is exactly what the American Revolution did. It separated thirteen colonies that named themselves the United States of America from British control.In other words without this revolution, this country that we call the United States of America, may not have ever existed. Like many other revolutions In history, the American Revolution began with a significantly provocative act. Which In this case was, “La Destruction De la Statue Royal a Nouvelle York” (Doc. 1). These were colonists who decided to destroy a British figure of authority.

That was basically a slap across the face to their then leader. That to me is a revolution in and of itself, for the first time people acted upon their demand for change.But this courageous act only leads on to the real changes that were yet to come. Once the separation from British control had been established, our founding fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, which states, “all men are created equal” (Doc. 2). This Is something that had never come to mind in these parts of the world. How could everyone be considered equal when there is clearly a man with superior dominance (King George the Ill)? So not only did the American Revolution revolutionize a political structure, It revolutionized the way of thinking at that point In mime.

It was now acceptable to pursue happiness. And not only was It acceptable, It was every man’s right to do so. With these changes, the American Revolution could today. Considering the fact that an entirely new government was being established, a strong economic system must have been a priority. That is seen first hand when taking a look at “Government by the People: The American Revolution and the Demagnification of the Legislatures” (Doc. 4).

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