Rhetoric Speech

12 December 2017

Today I come before you to discuss a topic which has gone unaddressed for far too long: suburban kids that firmly believe they are gangsters. I have been permitted to choose my own words and discuss my own opinions regarding this topic, so here we go. These guys probably have no clue what gangsters do, or how they live. In their minds, being a gangster is seen as cool, or “saggy’, but the reality of being a gangster has probably never struck them. These kids have nice homes, and someone to give them meals three times a day.I’m not quite sure they understand that putting “IM in a gang LOL don’t mess wit me #swag #turnip” in your Instating bio and making your surname does not make you a gang member.

It Just further proves your suburban roots. Bad behavior at school also does not count as gang behavior, it Just ruins your reputation and gets you into unneeded trouble. Real gangsters gets in gun fights, are responsible for black market trades, and killing people. A normal suburban kid who has had absolutely no exposure to anything of this sort is obviously not part of a gang.They’re Just a suburban sucker. Their “gangsters” always leads them to talking crap about things they don’t understand, or stubbornly refuse to acknowledge. Also, listening to chains or Outpace and wolf whistling at any female that happens to appear In front of you does not make you a gangster.

Rhetoric Speech Essay Example

It Just makes you a pig that listens to rap music. I don’t know what they think, but doing that does not make you more attractive. It Just repels females farther. These kids are the housecoat of the predatory felon species in terms of gang activity.Doing stupid stereotypical gangster things does not, does not, goes not, mean you are a straight up thug. It Just means you are on the fast track to Juvenile Detention. I understand that the urban hip hop culture has been glorified for decades, but why? How do we fix this? We can’t remove urban culture In Its entirety.

I myself do enjoy some rap music. I think they should be sent to some kind of strict school that acts like a correctional facility, gives lessons on how wanting to be Involved In urban culture doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sag your pants and act like an Imbecile.This Isn’t really a valid solution though, so I think that maybe a ammos person should let them know that urban culture Is not acting Like a Surface, and that If you really want to prove your point you should spend time Involving yourself In actual urban culture, and figuring out what urban culture actually Is. Rather than suburban kids misinterpreting “ghetto’, they would have an Idea as to what they were referring to. chains or Outpace and wolf whistling at any female that happens to appear in front of repels females farther. These kids are the housecoat of the predatory feline species in for decades, but why?

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