Rhetorical Modes

8 August 2016

Rhetorical modes are methods for effectively communicating through language and writing. Complete the following chart to identify the purpose and structure of the various rhetorical modes used in academic writing. Provide at least two tips for writing each type of rhetorical device. NOTE: You may not copy and paste anything directly from the textbook or a web site. All information included in this assignment must be written in your own words. Rhetorical Mode Purpose – Explain when or why each rhetorical mode is used. Structure – Identify the organizational method that works best with each rhetorical mode.

Tips – Provide two tips for writing in each rhetorical mode. Narration To tell a story about an actual event or a made up event. Having a plot that describes the main event that helps move the story forward. You need to describe whether the story is going to be fact or fiction. If it is a fact then it needs to have all of the information correct. If it is fiction the writer needs to use the imagination to the fullest. Try t use the five senses when describing the story, touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight. Illustration To show or demonstrate the point is clear by using evidence as backup.

Rhetorical Modes Essay Example

By organizing the evidence when building the thesis to keep the audience intrigued with the story. Try not to over explain the concepts of the story, the audience may already understand these concepts. Instead try to make the points more clear. Also try to use more than one illustration. To make the audience more engaged use a variety of words and phrases. Description Using description in writing an essay can ensure that the audience is engaged in the words that are written. When writing a descriptive essay it needs to be very detailed on the people, or places, and even objects that re in the story.

On a descriptive essay using the sensory details is a great method for keeping the audience interested in the story. Keeping the essay organized will help with the arrangement of the ideas or appearance for the characters or objects, or even places in the essay. Classification To be more specific about subjects that can be too broad or unmanageable. By taking a subject and breaking it down to smaller detailed subjects then bring these back together to give the audience a bigger picture of the main subject and they will understand better.

Try to pick topics that I already know about can help me be more descriptive when breaking them down into smaller parts. Try to break down each topic at least three different ways to help me choose the best of them and I may find out something I didn’t know. Process analysis By making step-by-step directions on explaining how something works or how to do something is the purpose of process analysis. The analysis process is a way to describe what the topic is about and what the rewards are for following step-by-step process.

Having someone read the process analysis is a helpful way to make sure it makes sense to the reader. If I come across a difficult step and need to explain it more clearly put it in its own paragraph. Definition By defining the meaning of a topic is a way to use a definition essay. Not just by looking it up in the dictionary but by using personal experiences. Keeping the essay from being misunderstood, I should use the context to identify the settings in which something occurs or exists and includes e circumstances.

Rather than defining objects try using concepts that can be more contentious and making the essay more effective. Try to write about incidents that are personally important that I can define better. Compare and contrast When a compare and contrast essay is written. It illustrates the subtle differences or unexpected similarities but not stating the obvious topics. Start with a thesis about two subjects that are clearly stated to be compared contrasted a reason do so. By knowing the critical points and differences of a topic will help make an accurate evaluation.

To organize an essay use a point-by-point strategy. Cause and effect The purpose of cause and effect is to know why and how an event or condition occurs. When writing a cause and effect essay start with one or the other o state conditions of the event. Then the determination how the phenomena are linked. It is necessary to determine if one cause or effect is more important than the other, this is how a thesis is developed. Be sure to support the claims with clear evidence. Persuasion To help the audience be convinced, motivated, or moved toward a certain opinion or point of view.

There are five features that help make up the structure of a persuasive essay. Introduction and thesis, opposing ideas, strong evidence, style and tone, and conclusion. Don’t argue the point but try to get the readers to consider the point of view or opinion is valuable not jut the right one. Try not to base a thesis on a negative claim. Write a 100- to 150-word paragraph explanation that demonstrates why compares and contrast is the appropriate rhetorical mode for the topic you chose in Week Two.

Compare and contrast is good to use in an essay when there are two topics that are related to people or things that the similarities, or differences need to be pointed out in a descriptive paragraph. By doing this the reader is going to get descriptive information on each topic and have a better understanding of them. The readers will also find what is most important about each topic and the connection between them. Knowing the differences will help the readers decide which topic is the better choice for them. This will also give me the knowledge to share with others as well.

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