”Richard II” by William Shakespeare Essay Sample

Richard II. by William Shakespeare. is a drama about a King whom is a hapless chose in passing his states wealth. separated from his topics. and makes unwise determinations for advocate. Richard II so begins to rent land to wealthy Lords and takes the money from a asleep uncle to fund his lifestyle the common mans and other Lords become indignant. In the drama there are symbolisms to England as being like “Eden” ; and the first symbolism and possibly one of the most important 1s is by John of Gaunt in Act 2. scene 1. lines 31-68. After Gaunt’s symbolic mention to England as a garden there are other symbolisms towards gardens referenced throughout the drama along that assistance in Shakespeare’s usage of imagination. The first symbolic comparing of gardens is seen in Act 2. scene 1. lines 31-68 by John of Gaunt. Gaunt begins depicting England as a garden ;

“This royal throne of male monarchs.

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this scepter’d isle. This Earth of stateliness. this place of Mars. This other Eden. demi-paradise. This fortress built by Nature for herself ; Against infection and the manus of war. This happy strain of work forces. this small universe. This cherished rock set in the Ag sea. Which serves it in the office of a wall. Or as a fosse defensive to a house. Against the enviousness of less happy lands. This blessed secret plan. this Earth. this kingdom. this England. This nurse. this pullulating uterus of royal male monarchs [ … ] This land of such beloved psyches. this beloved beloved land. Dear for her repute through the universe. Is now leased out. I die articulating it. Like to a tenement or bombarding farm” ( Bevington. 2009. pg341 ) . This is a mention to what England used to be before Richard started his wrath upon the land. Another mention to a garden and the actions of Richard can be seen in Act 3. scene 4. lines 56-66. The Gardener provinces “That he has non so cut and dressed his land. As we this garden! We at clip of twelvemonth. Do wound the bark. the tegument of our fruit trees. Lest being overproud in sap and blood. With excessively much wealths it confound itself ; Had he done so to great and turning work forces. They might hold lived to bear and he to savor. Their fruits of responsibility. Otiose subdivisions. We lop off. that bearing boughs may populate ; Had he done so. himself had borne the Crown. Which waste of idle hours hath rather thrown down” ( Bevington. 2009. pg356 ) .

In this mention the Gardener is comparing England to a garden and Richard as its nurseryman. With Richards deficiency of taking attention of England like a garden the land has died because of his failure to raising and attention for it. It is in my sentiment that Shakespeare has used this assorted types of analogies for gardens as a symbolism for life. When you look at what Gaunt says about how England used to be. it is a representation of things change without proper attention. In life if you do non take attention of the things that are of import so they will finally alter and non for the better. The following illustration with the nurseryman is another great illustration of how one must look after their resources. When the nurseryman says “We discerp off. that bearing boughs may live” ( ( Bevington. 2009 ) ; it is my sentiment that this shows that sometimes you must sometimes take a small off so others can thrive. It is the symbolic mentions that Shakespeare uses in Richard II towards gardens to assistance in the rise and autumn of the land. Through this imagination. if Richard had taken better attention of the land and his people. alternatively of utilizing them for his ain demands. so merely possibly he would hold still been king. If one takes attention of his properties and duties so in return they shall be as rich and comfortable as a male monarch.


Bevington. D. ( 2009 ) . The necessary Shakespeare. as you like it. ( Third erectile dysfunction. . p. 341. 356 ) . New York: Pearson Education. Inc.

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