Riders to the Sea Questions

10 October 2016

By the speech, it is evident that Maurya knows something bad is going to happen to her son. The argument stating that she has need for the rope is the strongest she can propose for Bartley to stay because he cannot go without it. If she says that she need the rope for herself, that would mean that he would not have a rope for himself. Without the rope, he could not go on his voyage. 2. The young priest plays an important role in the play because he is the one that helps the sisters learn about Michael.

He informs Nora of how they found the body of him. In a conversation with Cathleen, Nora says on page 86 “‘There were two men,’ says he, ‘and they were rowing round poteen before the cocks crowed, and the oar of one of them caught the body, and they passing the black cliffs of the north. ’ He brought the clothes that were said to be of Michael’s for the sisters to inspect and determine if in fact they do belong to him. 3. Maurya’s vision of Michael implies that he has died and is going to heaven.

His fine clothing represents him being an angel and that his body is being restored so that he may enter the kingdom of heaven. 4. Throughout the play, there are two events that foreshadow the death of Bentley. The first sign is when Maurya tells Bentley not to go to sea because he will be “drowned with the rest” (84) She telling him that he will drown just like his other brothers. Another event that foreshadows his death is Maurya not giving him her blessing before he leaves. Cathleen tells her to go find Bentley to give him her blessing.

Maurya comes back from the spring saying she saw “the fearfullest thing” (88) which she says was Michael riding behind Bentley on the grey pony. This stops Maurya from blessing him. 5. Maurya does not hear the noise because she is preoccupied with telling the story of her vision of Michael. Evidently that she is more fond of Michael than she is of Bentley. Her mind is taken over by her vision and she has forgotten about her other son. 6. It does indicate that she is broken because she has lost all of her sons to the sea. She is sad and misses her sons.

Her forgetting the nails could indicate that she is in need of nails for herself, in the sense that she needs to be fixed sue to the loses of her children and husband. 7. This reply is satisfactory because its seems reasonable that the ghost would want the living in with the dead. There was no mention in the story of what caused the pony to push Bentley into the sea. This makes it more believable to say that Michael’s ghost caused his death due to the myth of Irish ghosts. 8. There is conflict of human to human. This is evident between Maurya and Bentley.

Maurya tried to force Bentley to stay and this caused conflict between her and Bentley, who did not want to stay. Some might say that this conflict lead to the death of Bentley because she was upset and she did not give the boy her blessing. 9. The play needs realistic detail because it helps the audience to be engaged in the time the play was set and what the atmosphere was like. It allows the audience to feel the pain the mother felt by losing all of her sons. Back then, without a husband, the sons were the ones who made money for the family.

Without the sons, the family will have little income. The play also requires realistic detail in order for the audience to feel a connection to the Aran Islanders and what they believed in and how they lived. 10. For the role of Cathleen, Anne Hathaway could be cast. This would be because of the roles she has played in the past. She has an older sister type of personality and looks as though she could be Irish. Meryl Streep could play the role of Maurya because of her background in acting as a mother figure and her ability to play many roles in all genres of film.

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