Right On Time by Gretchen Wilson

8 August 2019

I have been a fan of Gretchen Wilson’s for a long time. I have every one of her albums, bought each one on the day of their release. I only do that a select few artists, that list which includes Shania Twain.

Gretchen Wilson is no Shania Twain, but they are comparable in the sense that they both have done what THEY want with their careers. I appreciate artists like that. They do what is in their best interest, not what’s the best for a corporation.

This album is my absolute favorite of Gretchen’s because she is able to experiment. She touches on her rock roots in a large part of the album, but still respects the genre she originally came from. If you liked, “Redneck Woman” days, you will love the opening track, “Get Outta My Yard.” The edginess is still there, and she is not taking anything from anyone.

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Wilson plays around, successfully of course on tracks like, “I’ve Been In Love.” This track reminds me of Adele meets a softer Beyonce meets country and the odd combination fits so perfectly. Gretchen even takes you back to the days when classic country was put to a record. The title track, “Right On Time,” and “Birds of a Feather” bring me back to the crackling records on record players, and each one of those songs is executed so nicely.

The album has heavy guitar overload as well, on tracks like, “Dust & Bone,” and “My Truck.” Lyrically, “My Truck” sounds like a hardcore country song, but the arrangement proves to be more soft rock.

Overall, the album is full of surprises that are sure to please, and if you were every Leary of new Gretchen music after three years, and more of rock leanings…I am here to affirm that it’s well wOrth your while to purchase.

Key Tracks: Get Outta My Yard, Still Rolin’ Crazy, Right On Time, Birds Of A Feather

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