Rising seas

6 June 2017

All over the world, from the Bering Sea to the Sea of Japan, from the Mediterranean to the Gulf of Mexico, from China to the Chesapeake, any place oceans are In trouble, Jellyfish are taking over. Jellyfish do well In warmer waters. Our carbon dioxide emissions are both warming the water and causing It to become corrosive. Warmer water even a fraction of a degree holds less oxygen than cooler water and shifts the balance of who survives and who perishes. In April 2012, Diablo was plunged into emergency shutdown because of Jellyfish clogging up the seawater intake pipes for the cooling system.

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Jellyfish have caused many dozens of such shutdowns at nuclear power plants, coal-fired power plants, and desalination plants pretty much any type of Industry that draws seawater. In a healthy ecosystem, fish are superior competitors and predators over Jellyfish. But the things we humans do we tish, we pollute, we dam, we build, we translocate making lite harder tor tish and better for jellyfish. And so, as we look around the world, we see that many of the most heavily disturbed ecosystems have “flipped” to being dominated by Jellyfish instead of fish.

Refrigerator-sized Jellies growing in the seas of China and drifting into Japanese and Korean waters. And once in control, they don’t seem to be letting go. We don’t have a solution for the damages we are causing. We need to buy time, so solutions can be Innovated. This article relies on common sense in order to make its findings and state its claims. The scientists in this article clearly see that the rise in the Jelly fish populations is clearly due to global warming. Everyone knows the carbon emissions are heating up the earth while at the same time warming up the earth’s waters ” Just makes sense” (p. ) that the cause of the rising temperatures in the water are due to global arming which Increases the rise in Jelly fish, leading to collapse of a food chain If nothing Is done. This article is subject to media distortion “nearly all scientific research studies confirm the global warming thesis. ” miet the media has given equal attention to a few dissenters who question global warming. This creates a perception that “no one knows” or that scientists are Due to the media distortion many people are down playing the fact that global warming is real.

Few people are going green allowing emissions to Increase, oceans temperatures continue allowing the Jellyfish population to thrive Ilke never before seen. The findings will be used In order to “advance understanding of the fundamental nature of social life and knowledge over the long ) scientist will show why global warming is happening, why the temperatures are rising, and also why we are ‘ Of2 to advance the knowledge that they have to ensure that the human population will change their social life in order to protect the environment and take global warming serious insure we reduce green house emissions.

The primary purpose of the study is for descriptive research. Descriptive research ill allow scientist to describe the data that they have, and the whys and hows of the overall data. Why are temperatures in the oceans increasing? How is that Jelly fish are taking over the ocean waters? What social factors are associated with global warming? Scientist are experiencing a “social phenomenon and are ready to describe it in greater depth. “(p. 17) scientist need to compare data from a time series in order to view ocean temperatures as far back as 1985 to 2010. Scientist used content data analysis in order to organize their data in this article. cientist were ble to go cover large amounts of material from over a long period of time using content data, and with the vast amount of research used in descriptive research the content data analysis allowed the scientists to view repeated words and or numbers in the change over a vast amount of years. “The technique lets us discover features in the content of large amounts of material that might go unnoticed” (p. 22) . The article does participate in the blame analysis. It’s suggesting an option that pretty much points the fingers at the species for the increase Jellyfish population in the oceans around the world.

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