Risk and challenge

8 August 2016

Risk and challenge is important for a child and young person’s development. A child needs to be challenged in order to develop and promote in their development. A child or young person will need to learn from their mistakes. Making mistakes will help the child or young person learn the difference between what’s safe and what isn’t and what they should and shouldn’t do. As practitioners, our main concern is to keep children safe from harm however we need to encourage them to experience risk and challenges. If we try to remove all risks from children’s lives we could be risking restricting their learning experiences.

Depending on a child’s age, will depend on their needs and abilities. For example, a baby will have different needs compared to a child who is in pre-school. A baby will not have limited ability, they won’t be able to walk, run etc. in the early stages. Until they learn to do this then there risk and challenge is limited. A child who is slightly older will have different needs and abilities. It is important not to over protect children and young people when making risk and challenge as this is a ‘stepping stone’ in their development a certain level of risky experiences will help them to develop confidence.

Risk and challenge Essay Example

Children need to learn how to control risk themselves; by learning what is a safe boundary are with the help of adult, and showing the children how to recognise the risk and dangers in the safest way possible. 3. 2) it is important that children and young people are given opportunities to make their own decisions and choices. children need independence to give themselves a satisfied and pleased emotion when they have done something without being told to by an adult or done something to their best ability after being asked.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is an international human rights treaty that grants all children and young people complete set of rights. it is important that children have a environment to provide challenging tasks according to their different interests and ability levels. 3. 3) I have supported a child to assess their own safety and manage risks in my setting by supervising outside play after it had been raining. the slide/climbing frame had become wet and therefore hazards where formed. I assessed the situation and informed the children they could not play on it until I had dried it. after drying it I informed the children that it may still be a bit wet so they was to be careful when climbing it and to hold onto the rails when climbing the stairs. In age appropriate language, I asked the child open-ended questions, to find out why they may hurt themselves. Doing this, both me and the child can work together to gain a better understanding of why they were to be cautious and what they can do to make it safer as well as the child learning from their mistakes and actions and the consequences that will have effect.

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