Risk Assessment of Pneumatic Conveying Rig

2 February 2017

Static ignition source Due to the powder and air density differential, adhesive forces due to friction travelling down the pipe line might cause static charges possible of acting as an ignition source. As a remedy earth bonding of all systems should be done including the filter bag which should be metal backed so it can be earthed. Tramp metal which act as a isolated conductor thus storing charges should be removed by screening. 4. Thermal ignition source Overheating of parts in motion such as bearings motors and belt could act as a source of ignition.

To minimise the likelihood of overheating the room where the conveying system is housed should be properly ventilated to allow air circulation hence reduce temperatures. 5. Human ignition source All areas of the plant should be designed as no smoking zone to ensure or minimize the chances of lighting open flames which can act as a source of ignition and cause explosion. To prevent possible ignition sources that might be caused by negligence and other human error factors the staff/operators should be fully trained and plant must be installed in independent room.Awareness of potential risks and safety procedures should be made to minimise the risk of fire and explosion. Hazardous places are classified in terms of zones on the basis of frequency and persistence of the potentially explosive atmosphere. This helps to determine the controls needed on potential sources of ignition that may be present or can occur in that zone.

Risk Assessment of Pneumatic Conveying Rig Essay Example

From fig1 the schematic diagram of pneumatic conveying system, dust and powders are classified in zones as follows. The regulation requires the employer to assess the risks to his employees from noise at work, take action to reduce the noise exposure that produces the risk, provide employees with hearing protection and carry out health surveillance where there is a risk to health. [3] 4. In conclusion the risk assessment of any plant is essential and effective part for the safe running of the plant. In this case the risk assessment of the pneumatic conveying system is discussed and legislations relevant to the risk assessment are also shown. To increase the life time of

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