8 August 2016

Who doesn’t know our national hero? Who doesn’t know Jose Rizal? From first grade to all ages this name is really very know. Jose Protasio Rizal Mercado y Alonso Realonda is our national hero, the greatest hero of the Filipinos. Some may say, how did he become the national hero? He did not even fight with the Spaniards not even seen holding a knife or sword. But he did fight for our country not using sword but using his brain. He is also known as a multi-talented genius. He was blessed with high intellectual, moral, and physical qualities.

He was an anthropologist, botanist, businessman, cartographer, dramatist, economist, educator, engineer, essayist, entomologist, ethnologist, farmer, folklorist, geographer, grammarian, historian, horticulturist, humorist, linguist, musician, novelist, painter, physician, poet, philosopher, psychologist, sculptor, sportsman, sociologist, surveyor, traveler, and zoologist. He can also can speak many languages which was very helpful when go went to many other countries for studies.

Rizal Essay Example

Just like the common people, our national hero also been in loved. Many women were linked to his name. He loved Leonor Rivera, who was his cousin. But he was forced to go to Europe to study medicine, ordered by his brother Paciano, in order to fight against the Spaniards. He became a traveler, and each country he visited, there were always important events that occurred. It was just sad that Rizal did not marry any one of those women and did not have a single child that will continue his blood and will inherit his intelligence.

Rizal wrote two novels, the “Noli Me Tangere” and the second part of it, the “El Filibusterismo”. The novels reveal how the Spaniards rule the Philippines, how the rights of the Filipinos were abolished and how they abuse their power over the Filipinos. The genius, Dr. Rizal, portrayed himself in his two novels. These two novels awaken the Filipinos and started the revolutionary heart out of them. This was the start of the real fights against the cruel Spaniards.

Rizal was never afraid whatever the consequences he may suffer because of his writings that are against the Spaniards. He wanted to free the Philippines from the unjust and cruel government of Spanish colony. Dr. Rizal was a patriot, hero, and a martyr. He sacrificed his own life, for the freedom n and welfare of the Filipino people. He really deserved the respect and salute of all Filipino people not only in these generations but also the next and the next. Rizal indeed deserved to the Philippines National Hero.

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