6 June 2018

When Racial was a sophomore at the University of Santos Atoms and was boarding in the house of Dona Conchs Leave in Intramural he met Eleanor “Orange” Valuable, his next-door neighbor and daughter of Capitan Juan and Capitan Sandy Valuable. She was a tall girl who carried herself with grace and elegance.

Exchanging Love Notes Racial was always welcome at the Valuable home. He eventually courted Eleanor by sending her love notes, which he wrote in invisible ink made from a mixture of water and table salt.He taught Eleanor how to read his letters by heating them over a lamp or a candle to allow the words to surface. Unfortunately, as with his first love, Jose failed to ask for the lady’s hand in marriage. Dry. Jose P. Racial is one of the most outstanding student in University of Sandstorms some say’s that Dry.

Rizal Essay Example

Jose P. Racial is discriminated against by the university, unfairly treated, recipient of poor grades, dissatisfied with the teaching methods, suffocated by Atomistic philosophy but none of these current opinions, carelessly repeated in textbooks and biographies and easily digested by the students, has foundation in real history.With original academic records on hand, this book retraces Racal’s student years step by tepee, year by year, and finds Racial a normal and satisfied student, not discriminated against but in favor, as successful a medical student as the best of his classmates. As a student id like to compare myself to Dry. Jose P.

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