Rizal Report

1 January 2017

Dejarme, Ryan M. Chapter 8: Rizal at the Dominican University of the Philippines Rizal’s completion of the Bachiller en Artes at Ateneo Municipal entitled him for admission to higher studies in a university. Although her mother opposed to Rizal’s pursuit of higher education for fear of what might happen to him due to the martyrdom of Gomburza, Don Francisco decided to send him to UST, the Dominican university of the Philippines. Enrollment at the University of Santo Tomas ? Rizal was uncertain of what course to pursue.

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His former Jesuit mentors suggested he took up priesthood or farming. Rizal considered literature, law and medicine. His brother, Paciano, discouraged him to take law due to the political conditions of the country that time. ? 1887-1888. During his freshman year, he took up Philosophy and Letters because it was the course his father wanted and that he was not able to solicit advice from Father Ramon Pablo, the rector of Ateneo, who was at Mindanao that time. ? He took up courses on Cosmology, Metaphysics, Theodicy, and History of Philosophy ?

He also enrolled in a surveying course in Ateneo were he was conferred the title on November 25, 1881 since he was underage at the time he passed the final examination. ? After freshman year, he shifted to medicine because he was advised by Father Ramon to take up this course and because he wanted to cure her mother who already had failing eyesight. Academic Performance at UST ? Rizal’s academic records from 1878 to 1882 attest to his mediocre performance at UST. ? Three factors to his performance can be traced: the hostility of the Dominican professors to Rizal;racial discrimination, and obsolete and repressive method of instruction at UST. Other 3 reasons are: Medicine is not really Rizal’s vocation; dissatisfaction with the Dominican system of education; and exciting distractions of youth. He also met Segunda Katigbak during this time but after learning that Segunda was to be married turned her efforts on Leonor Rivera, her first cousin. ?

His grades were average, however, it proved that he was not for medicine but for the arts. Liberalism and Filipino Students at UST ? Influx of liberal ideas can be attributed to the ending of Spanish Civil Wars, opening of Suez Canal and opening of Philippines to world trade. The liberal ideas affected the students due to 3 major revolutions: revolution of the senses against otherworldliness of monasticism; revolution of human reason against comforting certitudes of catechism; and revolution of race against nation inequality and subjection. ? He joined Artistico Literario de Manila, a group of art lovers who had writing competitions. His entries, A La Juventud Filipina (To the Filipino Youth) and El Consejo de los Dioses (Council of the Gods) were adjudged best in the same competition which proved that Filipinos can equal or even surpass Spaniards in literary prowess. A La Juventud Filipina. 1879 entry written by Rizal when he was only 18 years old. ? El Consejo de los Dioses. An allegory in praise of Cervantes as a co-equal of Homer and Virgil. The entry was adjudged best, but the jury, after knowing that it was a Filipino who wrote it, gave the prize to a Spaniard ? Junto al Pasig. A one act play in celebration of the Feast Day of the Immaculate Concepcion. It is considered as a prophecy of 50 years of revolution, invasion after invasion, defeat, subjugation and civil tumult.

It also read how the Filipino youth should chide alien people causing these miseries. ? A Filipinas. A sonnet written in 1880 not only to praise the Philippines for its beauty but to encourage the Filipino artists to glorify the country through their art works. Student Activism at UST ? Spanish and mestizo students labelled Filipinos as indio or chongo. Rizal and his companion retaliated by calling them kastila or bangus. Because of this, student rumbles erupted wherein Rizal figured permanently due to his skills in fencing and wrestling coupled with courage. Rizal organized a secret society of Filipino students called Compa? erismo whose members called themselves,

Companions of Jehu, patriot general of the Jews. Rizal became president of this group with Galiciano Apacible as secretary. Decision to go to Europe ? After completing his fourth year in medicine, he decided to leave the counry for Europe, partially because of his disappointment in UST, where he decided to continue his study in Barcelona, Spain. On May 26, 1882, Paciano wrote a letter to Rizal which really showed that he decided to go to Europe to take on a voyage to a whole new world.

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