Almost every day we hear about road accidents in Arunachal Pradesh. However, only few accidents are recorded and made known to public as many of such accidents go unreported and unrecorded. The data available with this daily is alarming. Between 2009-2011, 419 people lost their lives involving 826 accidents.The deceased was identified as Lohit Gogoi, a worker of Bushi Yada Motors, Pasighat. Late Gogoi along with his collogues were coming toward Pasighat from Mebo after attending a Picnic party when their speeding car crushed into the Bus. DIPRO In 2009, there were 306 accidents with 158 deaths and 530 injuries while in 2010, there were 293 accidents which resulted in 148 deaths, 491 injuries. In 2011 there were 227 accidents which claimed the lives of 113 and left 432 injured.

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As per the data available in Road Safety Cell, PHQ Itanagar, the numbers of person killed in road accident during 2010 upto November 2011 increased in Tawang, Papum Pare Rural, West Siang, Lohit and Anjaw Districts while the rest of the districts of the state indicated negative marking. The majority of the accidents were caused because of breaking  speed limits, reckless driving, including ignoring road sign and signals, driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, using cell phone while driving, driver distraction and bad road conditions.

The analytical data further informed that age group from 21 -30 years are most venerable to accidents. The citizens of the state though well acquainted with all the consequences of road accidents but hardly few individuals have realized the value of traffic guidelines and successfully averted human error related road accidents. Though, the State’s Road  Safety Cell is conducting road safety awareness campaign in various corners of the state, still Traffic sense is absent in our state as even the literate people are also hesitant to follow the traffic rules here.

In such a situation, we cannot blame the concerned authority for their failure to control the mounting road accidents unless and until its citizen follow the traffic rules and regulations properly. Particularly for state like Arunachal Pradesh where

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even educated people act like illiterate, it will be tough job for the authority to impose traffic guidelines strictly. The state needs effective law enforcement to incorporate traffic sense amongst the people and  it need sufficient traffic police personnel to enforce it. However, such strict enforcement should be done in a scientific manner, without causing trouble to the passengers.

According to Superintendent of Police (Traffic) Apang Tamuk  only 30 traffic personnel are manning Itanagar and Naharlagun roads which is not sufficient. He said that minimum of 80 personnel are required to handle the traffic problems in state capital. However, he expressed the hope that the proposal for engagement of traffic warden under Capital Complex Town Magistrate would immensely help the State Traffic Cell. The SP further, briefing about the “Traffic e-challan”, informed that the state would introduce E-Challan system soon.

He also informed that, continuing its Road awareness programme, State Traffic Police, Road Safety Cell PHQ, Itanagar is organizing mass awareness cum  training on traffic and road safety at VK Hall, RK Mission Itanagar on Jan 13. Meanwhile, All  Arunachal Pradesh Public Transport Federation, Secretary General Dobing Sonam, taking serious note of the increasing rate of road accidents involving commercial vehicles, appealed all commercial vehicle drivers to cooperate with the traffic authority and attend the awareness programme.

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