Road Test

My behind the wheel lessons are completed, my written test is done, and the road test is scheduled for the day after my birthday.
My mom and I leave early so I can have enough time to practice driving around the area. But my nerves scatter throughout my body as we pull up to the DMV.
Trying to stay calm and confident, the instructor follows me to the car. I do what she asks before getting in. Then, we are off.
Pulling out of the parking lot, she says, “Make a left turn on Birch Street up ahead.”
I nod my head and keep driving. As I’m trying to concentrate, she says, “That’s the street!” I yank the wheel left without signaling, crossing over two lanes onto Birch Street. She looks at me like something had gone wrong and asks me to pull over. The tears start to fall and I know I failed.
Although I am upset, I continue the rest of the test. I have the option to go back to the DMV, but I persevere. I know completing the rest of the test will help prepare me for the next one.
It is disappointing telling my eager friends and family no driver’s license. I reschedule.
After failing, I come up with a plan. I schedule practice lessons for two hours after school and an hour after dinner. My parents encourage me, give me tips and pointers, and help me practice. The more I practice, the better my chances for success.
Three weeks after the first attempt, I have the chance to redeem myself. Knowing what to expect this time allows me to be composed and confident. I am determined.
Again, I do what the instructor tells me. This time there is a snow storm. Go slow and no mistakes, I tell myself.
We are on our way back to the DMV and he has not asked me to pull over…yet. Then we make it back safely. Did I pass? YES! I pass with only two points taken off.
My picture is taken and I receive my “freedom pass”. Failing the first time gave me a chance to practice persistence and thoroughly appreciate the sweet taste of success!

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