Road Through The Rain Forest by David M Hayano

4 April 2015
Critical review of study of impact of modern world on Awa people of Papua New Guinea.

David M. Hayano, in Road Through the Rain Forest, tells a compassionate, empathic and humanized story of the lives of the individuals of the Awa people of Highland Papua New Guinea at a time when their culture is undergoing dramatic changes brought about by the incursion of the world of progress and technology. It is a very personal narrative in which the author, striving for a living anthropology, includes his own life as an integral part of his work. As the author writes,
These are not dramatized men and women, but actual individuals, some living, some dead, of flesh and blood. . . . Conventional ethnographies are usually writings about people with no personal names, no utterances, no feelings, no individual life experiences. Rather than beating the life out of the…

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