Road Trip by Emmet Cahill

7 July 2019

Road Trip is an album that singer Emmet Cahill made for his solo tours in the US this year. It’s an album filled with all of his favorite songs. He included songs from Toy Story classic “When Somebody Loved Me” to Les Miserables “Bring Him Home” to Coldplay’s “Fix You.” These are all songs that he sang/sings during his solo tours this year. His first tour is done already but the second and final tour will start at the end of July of this year (2015.) He left the group Celtic Thunder last year to pursue a solo career.

I love this album for a number of reasons. I love the variety of all of the songs that he picked for his album and some of them became new favorites of mine. I also loved some of these songs myself before I heard him sing them. I also love how passionate he is about singing these songs too.

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The emotion that he puts into these songs are another reason why I love this album so much. My favorite songs from this album are “When She Loved Me,” “Bring Him Home,” and “Go the Distance.” But, I think that all of the songs on this album are spectacular and beautiful. You can only get the album from one of his tours this year. But there are videos of him singing this songs on Youtube if you’d want to check them out.

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