Road Trip

I sat patiently in the waiting room for the news no kid wants to hear. Do I crawl into a corner and hope life brings me along in cruise control? Do I sit in back seat and just watch life fly by? No, instead I did the exact opposite, for myself and my mom.

When I was in sixth grade, my mom passed away from cancer. I relive that experience in my mind constantly. It is hard to cope with–like a shadow following me where ever I go. She influenced my life substantially by showing me how she lived life and told me once, “Life is a road trip; there is no right or wrong way. You make the path.” I live my life by this motto.

When the days left seemed to get shorter and shorter, my mom would pull me out of school for lunch. We talked about how well I was doing in school, our stories and our memories. I learned of my mom’s influence on the world; she owned her own advertising business and made one of the most successful businesses in the Milwaukee Area. I admire her hard work and ambition, and I aspire to live in her shoes.
Without me even knowing it she taught me. Leadership. I was nominated by my teachers and went to Washington D.C. for the Jr. National Young Leaders Conference. Creativity. I won first place in the creative writing essay and got the Modern Woodmen of America plaque. Drive. I push my body and mind to its limits whether it’s in the weight room or in the classroom.
My life is a road trip and I attend to make my path count.

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