Rob Roy & Losing Isaiah

4 April 2015
Compares 1995 films’ qualities, popularity, effectiveness, subject matter and sociohistorical significance.

Films have an afterlife that is not always predictable, but for that matter the reaction to a film when it first appears is not really predictable. Films appeal to audiences of their time for a wide variety of reasons, and that appeal may continue into the future or may dissipate for mysterious reasons. Films today have a longer immediate life because of video. That is, where a film in the past would have shown in theaters and then disappeared for a time before showing up, perhaps years later, on television, today films reach the video store within a few months and cable shortly after that. This keeps their titles, at least, alive for a much longer initial period and may build an audience that might come back to the film in subsequent years. Still, some films will hold interest over time, while others will be viewed through whatever medium is available and then will be..

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