Robert Browning and William Blake

A comparison paper of authors Robert Browning and William Blake.

This paper was written to give the biographies of these two authors and compare their writing styles to each other. It gives detailed descriptions of their lives, including family, jobs, education, books and other facts. Then it goes on to compare the authors using a “Author A is not like Author B” format.
“Robert Browning was born on May 7, 1812, in Camberwell, the first child of Robert and Sarah Browning. Robert’s grandfather had sent his father to supervise a West Indies sugar plantation, but when he saw that this slavery institution was so distasteful he gave up the fortune that was waiting for him and returned home to become a clerk for the Bank of England. He wasn’t able to become rich with this job he had chosen for himself, but besides for having enough money to have a family, he also was able to acquire a library of 6000 volumes.

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