Robert Frost – 3 Poem Comparison Essay Sample

10 October 2017

“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” . “Birches” . and “The Road Not Taken” Robert Frost was an American poet that first became known after printing a book in England. He shortly came to be one of the best-known and loved American poets of all time. He frequently wrote of the out-of-doorss and the three verse forms that I will compare are of that “outdoors” type. There are several similitudes and differences in these verse forms. They each have their ain significance ; each represent a separate thing and each tell a different narrative. However. they are all declarative of Frost’s love of the out-of-doorss. his true enjoyment of nature and his wistfulness at turning old. He seems to look back at young person with a sad yearning. Each of these three verse forms are likewise in that they are all about forests and out-of-doorss or an point in the forests. The word “wood” or “woods” is used in each of these verse forms at least one time. It is used to stand for literally and figuratively the tree or trees. stand foring a journey to peace. a ascent to heaven. In “The Road Not Taken” . the forests are simply the scene.

It is described as a “yellow wood” . This autumn imagination. we can see the orange. xanthous and ruddy foliages lying all around and conceive of the grey bark of the trees. “Two roads diverged in a wood” gives the significance that the trees besides hide the route as it passes from sight around the crook. This symbolizes the uncertainness of the hereafter. You can look in front. but there is no manner to cognize what is around the following crook. “Birches” seems to be wholly about forests and trees. As the name implies. this is the chief focal point though the narrative. They are shown as an opposition for a male child that. one time beaten. though really resilient. will ne’er lift once more. He describes them as being weighed down with the consequences of an ice storm. but that he would wish to believe of them as being set over by this male child. His usage of the ice storm and the male child seems to stand for his wistfulness at turning old and his desire to be immature once more. This was written when he was approximately 45. About the clip that he would hold a mid-life crisis. He can see that he is no longer the immature adult male that one time he was. non being able to mount the trees like he did and unable to play like that. He talks of when he was a “swinger of birches” and how he dreams of being one once more.

He knows that this is non a world for him. Frost besides uses the trees in this verse form to stand for a manner to acquire off from the attentions and tests of life on Earth. He talks of acquiring off and coming back to get down over as if mounting “towards heaven” . He desires to be free from it all. but so he says that he is afraid that the destinies might misconstrue and take him off to ne’er return. This is like most of us today. We want to travel to Heaven. but we don’t want to decease to acquire at that place. In “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” . Frost describes a thick spot of forests that are a long manner from anything. He does non travel into great item depicting them. go forthing that to the reader’s imaginativeness. He simply describes them as “lovely. dark and deep. ” This deficiency of item is to assist us concentrate non so much on all the things that are at that place. as the things that aren’t. He mentions that the Equus caballus must be believing that this is unusual to halt here. with no barn near. The lone thing that is nearby is nature. The lake is frozen and the trees and land are covered with snow.

During a blizzard. sound does non go really good. It is really addled and muted. The lone sounds that are mentioned in the verse form are the bells on the horse’s harness and the air current. So. the rider is halting to smell the roses. He is taking a interruption from the universe around him. watching these forests fill with snow. Then. he remembers his attentions and is away. with stat mis and stat mis to travel. While there are many similarities in these verse forms. there are besides several differences. In “Birches” . the season is both summer and winter. in “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” winter and “The Road Not Taken” is set in autumn. These seasons are 1s that we sometimes use to stand for the latter phases in life. Fall is a clip when things are old and while sometimes beautiful. the yearss are numbered. Winter represents the barrenness and coldness of decease. He uses summer to typify boyhood and young person.

In “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” Frost does non state us anything about the storyteller. We ne’er know anything about who “I” is. The lone image that we get of “I” is that he/she likes the forests. the snow and the peace that is found at that place. The thought is given that this is a adult male. out on an of import mission. It would hold to be of import to sit out on a Equus caballus in a snowstorm even though they used to sit Equus caballuss everyplace. Besides. “I” has stat mis to travel and promises to maintain. This indicates a degree of duty that would propose the storyteller is a adult male. “Birches” contains the most descriptive linguistic communication of these three verse forms. He goes into great item depicting every crook and the manner the birches look after being bent so many times. He exhaustively describes the ice checking from the air current tossed trees. the manner the ice shatters and falls to the snow. His utmost usage of descriptive inside informations helps to set the reader at that place. Concentrating on the trees and the cold. giving the reader the imagination that the Sun is glowering off of the snow. and all that can be heard is the ice falling and the snap of the birches as they blow against each other.

In “The Road Not Taken” . the focal point is non on the forests themselves. but on the route that passes through them. The forests are the scene and they hide the route after it curves. as clip hides the hereafter from our eyes. Outwardly. this verse form is about two roads. one that is good traveled and one that is non. even though both expression as if they have been used the same. The writer takes the route that had non been taken “because it was grassy and wanted wear. ” This besides symbolizes the picks that we have to do in our lives. we can follow others like sheep or we can boldly travel our ain manner. The writer went his ain manner and “that has made all the difference! ” As has been shown. Frost uses his love of the out-of-doorss to draw the reader at that place every bit good. His manner of composing Tells us much of the poet. He is cautious of turning old and he looks back on young person with wistfulness and yearning for another. happy clip. This is something that we all portion with him and this shared experience helps us to bask his poesy to a Fuller extent. as if it seems to state our ain personal narrative.

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