Robert Frost and Carl Sandburg

4 April 2015
A paper which shows the similarities and differences in style of poets Robert Frost and Carl Sandburg.

Robert Frost and Carl Sandburg are both important poets in their own right. Although they both grew up in the same era, their poetry styles have many differences. The paper firstly states their different origins, history and poetic style. Secondly, it analyzes a selected major work ” “The Road Not Taken” and “The Road and The End,” ” of Frost and Sandburg respectively. It is worth noticing that the chosen poetry of both poets contain many elements of similarity. This makes the chosen sample most suitable to distinguish the most minor, as well as the major differences in the poetic styles of the writers. Thus, in the paper, their lives and poetic styles are compared and contrasted using an example of their poetry.
“Unlike the individualized thinking of Frost, and the reflection of his viewpoints on life, Sandburg carries the spirit of the people in his writings. As was appreciated for being the voice of the Americans, Carl Sandburg emphasizes the voice of the nation in his writings. Unlike giving answers to one’s personal questions that arise within, Sandburg responds to the thoughts that live in every person’s life and mind. If Robert Frost can be said to be digging into his own experiences in his poetry, Sandburg can be called to be analyzing the experiences of his fellow countrymen, and responding to them with his poems, with him as a countrymen or the unified spirit of the nation, in most of them.”
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