Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur

9 September 2016

Koch worked on anthrax and tuberculosis (TB) and developed work of Louis Pasteur. Koch first investigated Anthrax (that affected herds of farm animals and farmers. ) In 1868 Davaine had proved that a healthy animal that did not have anthrax could get the disease if it was injected with blood containing Anthrax. Koch developed this work further.

Koch found out that Anthrax microbes produced spores that lived for a long time after an animal had died and these spores could then develop into the Anthrax germ and could infect other animals. After this Koch moved on to Germs. In 1878 he identified the germ that cause blood poisoning and septicaemia and developed new techniques to carry out experiments, and devises a method of proving which germ caused an infection. In 1881 he began to work on TB and found the germ in 1882. Koch finally lay to rest belief that ‘bad air’ caused disease.

Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur Essay Example

Koch developed right methods to identify germs. Louis Pasteur (1882) A producer of vinegar from beet juice requested Pasteur’s help in determining why the product sometimes spoiled. Pasteur demonstrated that physical screening or thermal methods destroyed all microorganisms and that when no contamination by living contagion took place, the processes of fermentation or putrefaction did not take place. ‘Pasteurization’ and this prevent or drastically reduce infections in the surgeon’s operating room.

Death of Pasteur’s father and two daughters lead him to work even harder. Pasteur conquest Rabies. The rivalry between Koch and Pasteur meant that they both worked harder to find and prove theories before each other. Both Koch and Pasteur are significantly important because if Robert Koch did not come up way of identifying germs then Louis Pasteur would have probably found it more difficult to find the germ theory. Therefore both are significantly important.

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