You will need to read the following Case Study “Integrating Teams after Downsizing”, then assume a eadership position to demonstrate how you would establish a new team, use induction as a team building strategy by developing an Induction Program for the team. 1 . The Case Study situation – ‘Bulldlng and Supporting a Team’. Read the following case study carefully before attempting any tasks. ” George Branson Foods Limited is planning an aggressive growth strategy which as a result, the company is very busy hiring new staff across all functions of the business.

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is Project Manager and has been assigned to launch a new product range of organic foods. He will be working with cross functional teams that Include manufacturing, research and development, sales and marketing, finance and purchasing. Included in the project team are two new members from the warehouse who have had no previous experience in organic food. Robert Palmer has to merge everybody Including the two new members Into one new team to achieve one common goal”.

To effectively complete this case study, you (the student) will assume the role of Project Manager, Robert Palmer and it is your responsibility to understand and unify veryone Into the one team. As the Manager responsible, what can you do to help consolidate a strong, cohesive team? The following are the four key areas (Marking Guide Parts 1, 2, 3. ) to include in your Case Study report ; 1 . Develop a broad Induction Program for new team members to accelerate their understanding and commitment to the new program.

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