Robert Putnam’s View on the American Society

4 April 2015
A discussion on the reasons for the disintegration of the American society.

This essay discusses Robert Putnam’s perception of the American society. The author explains how and why the American society is falling apart and why it is disintegrated. The author provides the reasons for Putnam’s conclusion such as the role of television in our society.
One of the most important questions for any democratic country is how to increase voter participation in the process, since a country may be said to be a democracy only to the extent that people participate in the process of selecting leaders. By this measure the United States remains only partially successful as a democracy. Although there was higher voter turnout this year than in many elections (about half of registered voters), there remain both a large number of people who never register to vote at all and a large number of those who are registered who never (or rarely) vote.

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