Robert Rauschenberg

2 February 2017

“Estate” by Robert Rauschenberg is by far the most interesting piece of art work seen at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Robert Rauschenberg is a well-known Abstract Expressionist of the modern art period. Robert Rauschenberg is most famous for his “Combines” of the 1950s, in which he uses non-traditional materials and objects in combinations. While the Combines are both painting and sculpture, Rauschenberg has also worked with photography, printmaking, papermaking, and performance.

Robert Rauschenberg’s “Estate” is both abstract and expressionism. He uses abstract shapes and color patches in his work. There is a lot of use of warm colors such a red, orange and yellow in which gives one a hot and vibrant feel. The powerful colors capture vivid emotional reactions. The gesture lines allow one to see Robert’s arm at work. Repetition is used with the quick fluid strokes along with bold strokes that he uses on the canvas. The diagonal lines give a feel of explosive energy to the art work.

Robert Rauschenberg Essay Example

There is an asymmetrical balance in the work because the weight counter balances each other. There is more going on towards the right side, than the left which gives the art work an asymmetrical look. Although Rauschenberg uses recognizable images he makes them his own by titling and turning the images sideways to give them a different effect. The materials used to create this artwork include oil, silk screened ink along with photo screen. (MSN) The oil allowed Rauschenberg to blend the colors directly on the canvas.

He also piled up the oil thickly giving it a ruff textured look. The oil also allows the painting to have shadows. Photo screen is used with familiar images such as the statue of liberty along with Michelangelo’s “Last Judgment. ” “Rauschenberg would screen in art reproductions, images from newspapers, and anonymous photographs of city scenes. ”(Art & Culture) The photo screening gives the art work individuality. This art work was actually inspired by trash, Robert Rauschenberg use to walk around the block collecting things that he found interesting.

He states, “I wanted something other than what I could make myself and I wanted to use the surprise and the collectiveness and the generosity of finding surprises. ” (Art Info) Therefore, the art was meant for viewers to be surprised, and curious. It is meant to be a world of surprises, and open up people’s mind to what the streets and the city really is. “It makes our perception of both street and city changed. ” (Art Info) “Estate” is considered to be apart of the abstract expressionism stylistic movement which was created during the American post WWII movement.

This movement rejected traditional European painting styles and emphasized on expressive gestures. It is also apart of the pop art movement which emerged in the mid 1950’s in Britain and spread throughout the United States. It used objects and images from popular, commercial culture. “Estate” is very unique, and is unlike any of the art work that came before it. Before, the art work was very plain and simple with the use of dull colors. It did not have any expressions or emotions attached.

This art work is very modernized with the use of bright, bold colors, photographs and the use of abstract shapes. It developed from past art styles such abstract, surrealism and expressionism; taking a little bit of each stylist movement to create this. It reflects the 21st century culture because it is very “busy. ” The art work has many things going on which reflects how Americans are in the 21st century; we are all extremely busy in our lives. I consider “Estate” to be a valid work of art, I believe that is very creative and brings out a lot of emotion from the artist. I think it is a beautiful piece of art work that is one of a kind.

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