Roberto Clemente

1 January 2018

During his first year in high school, he was watched and later recruited by Roberto Marin so he could play softball with the Sells Orzo team after Marin saw Clement playing baseball in San Antn. He was with the team for two years playing as a shortstop. Roberto Clement joined Puerco Rice’s amateur league when he was only 16 years old. He ended up playing for the Ferdinand Juncos team. Clementine’s professional baseball career began when Peed[n Gorilla offered Clement, who was 18 at the time, a contract with the Congress DeSentence, which was a winter league team and franchise of the Puerco Rican Professional Baseball League (LABOR). He sat on the bench for his first year but he was later promoted to the Sentence Congress starting lineup the next season.

While Clement was playing in the LABOR, the Brooklyn Dodgers offered him a contract. Roberto ended up signing the contract on February 19, 1954 and moved to Montreal to play for the Montreal Royals.

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Clyde Superiors, who was a scout for the Pittsburgh Pirates, noticed that Clement as being used as a bench player for the Royals and talked to him about being drafted to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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