Roberto Clemente

1 January 2018

Roberto Clement was a legend in the game of baseball and he was the first Latin-American baseball player. He played 18 seasons as a Pittsburgh Pirate was won many awards for fielding and batting. He was one of the best defensive players of all time; he could catch almost any ball hit to him.

Also no one dared his arm because he could throw anybody out at home. He broke many milestones including hit number 3,000 on the last game of the season in 1972. He died three months later in a plane crash in which he attempted to bring supplies to people in Nicaragua for survivors of an earthquake.His body was never found and his death was a big mystery. On August 18, 1 934 Roberto Clement Walker was born in Carolina, Puerco Rich. Walker was the last name of his mother and that’s what it will read on his hall of fame plaque. Roberto grew up in a very poor community and they could afford anything So they played baseball with sticks and rocks, and basically anything that could be used to play baseball with.

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Then from playing with sticks and stones he was signed by the Sentence Crabbers of Puerco Rican winter league for $5,000 on October 9, 1952. He played a couple seasons there and was a very good player.Then the Brooklyn Dodgers signed him in 1953 for S 10,000 dollars. This was the team that called up the very first black player Jackie Robinson. Now they were signing the first Latin-American baseball player. He was a right-handed outfielder and a right-handed batter. Just as Jackie Robinson broke the barrier for blacks to come play major league baseball in America Roberto Clement broke the barrier for Latin-Americans.

It took very little time for people to realize how special of a player he was. “He gave the term ‘complete’ a new meaning. He made the word ‘superstar’ seem inadequate.He had about him the touch of royalty. ” Former ML Commissioner Bowie Kuhn. He had phenomenal career stats including a batting average of . 317, 240 home runs, and 3,000 hits.

He won twelve gold gloves from 1961-1972, he made it to twelve all-star games, four national league batting championships in 1961, 1964, 1965 and 1967. Also he won a National league MAP award in 1 966, two world serious rings, and one World Series MAP award. The list goes on and on of his accomplishments but his that was not the only reason why he was such and important person in assessable.He was a very nice person who was willing to give up a lot for others. He made several trips to Puerco Rich to give baseball supplies to young children and he told them to keep their spirits up and that if they put there mind to it they could do anything. Of course as being the first Latin-American baseball player in America he endured many harsh fans that booed him and made rude comments to hi on the field. But he dealt with it and just played baseball.

Soon enough they fell in love with his talents and he was a world wide favorite.On November 14, 1964 he married Vera Cabala at San Fernando Church in Carolina, Puerco Rich. He also had three children, Roberto Jar. , Luis Roberto and Unripe Roberto. ‘Growing up in Puerco Rich we got to learn a lot about his character, it was obvious that not only was he one of the greatest players, but a great human being as well. ” Bernie Williams, New York Yankees. Roberto Clement played his last game on October 3, 1972 in which he accomplished the milestone of 3,000 career hits.

After that season Roberto spent a lot of time in Latin countries doing community service and charity ark.

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