Robotics Club membership

In an essay of about 300 words, tell us more about your professional and intellectual aspirations and prior personal experiences relevant to your choice of a specific college or academic program at the University of Illinois.

I know from the very beginning that I want to pursue a computer science course. In junior high, I enthusiastically joined the Robotics club because it fascinates my imagination and it opens so many possibilities for me to explore the world of computers. I even thought that maybe, I can make a robot too one day. That may sound exaggerated but my mind can go as far as that sometimes.

On top of that Robotics Club membership, I also took two classes which are computer science related. One of the classes was `Intro to Engineering Design` where I learned some basics of Autodesk Inventor. It uses a more advance 3D parametric model techniques compared to autocad. It was so interesting to know that I can be as creative as I can be with the use of this state of the art computer programming. The other class I attended was Digital Electronics, where I learned how to use digital signals on computers and other electronic products.

With those brief experiences, I was all the more certain and inspired to pursue a computer science course because I know there is so much more to learn from this subject. I know that I can make it here because I want to. If there is a will, there is a way.

We are all surrounded by these technologies everyday of our lives. Some of us are even controlled by it. Just look at how many hours you or your family and friends spent on the mobile phones and the internet.

I want to be part of this technological revolution. Not just a user or consumer but hopefully an inventor as well.

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