Rock island chocolate

This case study is commissioned to resolve an social media issue which went against their own company “Rock island chocolate”. I am here to come up with a strategy and help my company to get out of the social media issue as the director of an company and try to convert the bad remarks of social media to good remarks. In this growing world and technology, social media has become one of the strong source of communication. Social media has a good contact with the audience which matters the most for any organization in the world.

This fact can’t be neglected, so as the Company’s Director I would like to review the blog in detail and find some good solution in short period of time. As we know especially from past five years the social network has grown immensely. social network sites such as face book , twitter are live examples for this growth. I would like to follow step wise strategy in which I would complete one work and then go for another one. At first I would like to create a face book page with a brand new logo and good innovative thought and then I would suggest all the employees to join in it and make it a popular group among their known community of people.

If we can spend money wisely and do good marketing for it this strategy will surely work out as we know the power of social networking sites and after this strategy I would like to involve all the staff members to actively participate in a discussion over the blog as an unknown user and comment on it positively. We know that blogs can some time create a big issue and sometimes it can just die out if there is no truth or support in it. The people do get carried away with the comments and if they feel most of the comments are positive then automatically the blog just fades away.

I have an example suppose you want to buy a product from Amazon, there are two main things the consumer would like to check one is the cost and the another thing is the customers review if they feel both of these are reasonable then they will surely buy the product. In the same way if the blog has more positive comments than the negative ones it won’t trouble for more time as it will die out. In this way the blog problem will be resolved and the company will get a positive response over a certain period of time.

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