Rock Music

3 March 2018

I personally don’t see problem with people expressing their emotions and that is in part why I don’t agree with Richard Brooklimes in stating that,0њRock is a popular culture that aims downward in terms of class and age instead of aiming up.

Rather than aspiring, it desire. ” I feel that everyone should have a way of expressing themselves in any way or art form that they feel is necessary. Rock music is just a form of letting people let out their anger and aggression and not hold it inside. I’d rather see our society release our troubles in a musical form rather than in a violent one.There are much more things to worry about than to stress over rock music bringing culture down. In this day and age I strongly believe that Rock music helps more than it harms those who listen to it. Unlike Mr.

. Brokerage’s views I see rock as being an outlet rather than a downfall. Rock music should be taken for nothing more than just a form of music. Whether its R&B, rap, jazz or rock music is just music and it shouldn’t be held accountable for peoples wrong doings. Rock, just like other types of music should be given the same freedoms and rights to be played and heard by those who want to listen.People who have the same views as Mr..

Brooklimes would be best to just not listen to Rock music at all and not comment on it. To say rock is responsible for aiming downward in class and age is putting too much responsibility on music rather than the people. We all have brains and the ability to distinguish from right and wrong. I understand that some of the lyrics that are said in rock music may be offensive but that should not make it be blamed for bringing down the society. If you want to sit down and discuss what’s bringing down the society, issues such as drugs and single parent families would be more relevant.To include rock music with this category is just insane. As the times begin to rapidly change so will the music we listen to.

Therefore, whether you like the music or not it isn’t fair to place the responsibility of bringing down the society on its shoulders. In life we all need ways to express ourselves. If through rock is the way we want to do it then that is our decision. Believe if Mr.. Brooklimes was more open mined about rock and took it just for the expressive music that it is, he would be okay with it.

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