Rock Music and Best Band

With over 12 albums, 02 has the most impressive discography of any band from the ass’s; not to mention their numerous live albums.

IIS has sold more than 1 70 million albums worldwide. 1. 12 has 22 Grammy’s which is tied for the most ever with Steve Wonder. This puts them as the best band Of all time. 02 was also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2005. Sis’s achievements and awards distinguish themselves from other rock bands and prove why they are the best all time. 32 has the most unique sound in all of rock.

They put a heavy emphasis on melodic instruments and big vocals. Their sound is contested by anyone and that’s what makes them so great. Throughout the years, 132 has changed their sound which proves how much talent they have. They have kept their fans on their toes. Most of Sac’s songs carry a strong message. For example, one of Use’s best hits named, “Pride (In the Name of Love)” is about Martin Luther King. Mice Jaeger described Boon’s lyrical genius best when he said, “He’s a poet.

He’s a philosopher. And last night, I think I saw him walking on water. The power and message of their lyrics are what separates them from other bands. Their lyrics and sounds make them the best band of all time. Sis’s vocalist Bono is one the biggest celebrity activists in the world. He and the rest of the band have played in numerous live concerts for fundraising. Their most famous concert was the Live Aid concert at Wendell Stadium.

This was a turning point in their career. Bono has also established Project Red in an effort to raise money for the fight of AIDS, TAB, and Malaria.Sis’s involvement in the world and its problems proves that they are the best band of all time. IIS has graced the ears of people from the US to the people of China. With their powerful lyrics and strong meaning many people have listened to their music for comfort or understanding. Their activism and fundraisers provides a great example for future bands to follow. IIS has earned the respect from their peers and have inspired Other bands; one for example is Coldly.

When accounting for a band’s whole resume, 1. 12 is without a doubt the best band of all time.

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