Rock Music and Hard Rock Cafe

3 March 2018

This paper is to evaluate how Hard Rock Cafe’s management board determine the strategy to manage its operations (from input transformed/transforming resources to goods and services providing). 1 . Goods and service design With a typical image of an electronic guitar and a simple logo, Hard Rock Cafe creates for all people entering its places the environment full of rock music which they will not feel in any other pubs and restaurants.Hard Rock Cafe not only serves its clients food but also unique “experience” with rock enthusiasm. It does not mean that dishes are not taken into consideration, courses in Hard Rock’s menu are modified, upgraded and concentrated to fit the local taste. For example, fish and lobster are focused more in Britain, or Thai Snack Combo is added into Hard Rock Cafe Bangkok.

Their steps into Hard Rock’s door feel that they are always welcome by an enthusiastic attitude. 2.Quality Quality is one of the most important factors in all industries and it is not an exception for Hard Rock Cafe. Survey on food and service quality is carried out regularly and it is required to get the highest assessment from customers to make sure quality at the cafe is always be ensured and achieved 7 ? the highest scale – basing on the customer evaluation. Furthermore Regardless of sex, age or class, Hard Rock Cafe slogan “Love all – Serve all” has been going together with its development throughout the years.

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