Rock Music and Successful Hit Concerts

3 March 2018

This wouldn’t have been possible if that sudden incident didn’t happen. My life changed within seconds after that incident occurred. Was a member of a music band in London.

Am blessed with a great source of knowledge in music. I had an ordinary job in the band which was to work under the lead singer of the band. I helped him with creating the background music and chorus. We were the rising stars of London after giving a few successful hit concerts and shows. It was 14th Deck 2004, and we were on one of our biggest concerts ever.The show was moving very smooth and it was very successful the halfway until an interruption occurred. The lead singer of our band got attacked by a sudden mind stroke.

He was not able to sing and had to stop in between the concert. The interruption caused the audience to react harshly. They threw stuffs on the stage. It could have ruin all the image which we had built in the past few years. This failure could destroy everything. All our preparations could have gone in vain. Suddenly, one of my team member forced me to continue the song which the lead singer had en singing.

Despite refusing, I had to face the audience. My team members had confidence on me. They trust me and forced me to sing. I gave all my efforts and continued the show. My voice made the audience groove to it. I rocked the stage. The hidden talent of mine showed up that day.

I was proven as a great singer and was very much appreciated by the audience. The show was a big hit. I never felt such grace and charm in my voice ever before. The obstacles which occurred during the show couldn’t harm anything.As soon as he show ended, I realized that my fan following was at the top in the list. People were crazy to meet me and hear me. The concert was the starting of my career.

Was soon chosen as the lead singer of the band and became one of the best bands of London. That incident changed my life. Things got better and better day by day. I became a famous Star from an ordinary person. It was probably the best thing that had ever happened to me and I will always be grateful to Allah for making such a humongous change in my life.

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