Rock Music, Brief Summary

3 March 2018

The most common instruments you would see at a Rock Show/ Stage: Guitars whether Acoustic or Electric, Bass Guitar, Keyboards (optionally), Drum Kit, and Of Course Microphones for Vocals, There are other Rock bands who like to experiment on different instruments and using them for regular use e. G. Different choice of guitars such as classical, acoustic and Double necked, More keyboards for experimentation e. Bass Pedals, Additional Keyboards or Piano For A quick change, Drum players are the most common to see a change to their Drum Kits e.

G More Cymbals and Tom Toms, or by using additional percussion objects such as Cowbells, Wind chimes, Temple Blocks, etc. While Rock Music had a Different sound inspiration as time went by there was an impact on what kind of fans had listened to the music. The ass’s was the main developing tag of rock and with Groups like The Beetles and The Who were springing onto the future of Music.And the ass’s had a much broader audience of Fans springing onto a heavier/ classic period of Rock with Famous Groups such as Led Zeppelin, Boston and Rush. When Simply heavy guitar music had declined slightly in the sass’s, people wanted a change into their sounds. This was when Synthesizers were a major part onto Rock Music, Groups like Simple Minds, Rush (They change their different ways of music mostly every Album) and Chooses had a main dueling offspring of Guitars and Keyboards.The Synch declined in the ass and Alternative/Garage Rock was the answer, A Chunky Raw Distortion Driving Teenagers insane with examples such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Sonic Youth are examples of the Raw sounds that were impacted.

Rock has Traditional Sub Genres inflicting on different styles of traditional rock music and influences, they can include influences of which have lots of talent or no talent at all.

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