Rock Music Influence Young People

3 March 2018

It helped me deal with my depression and come out of it my confiding in others who liked the same music as me. Heavy metal bands such as Metallic, Disturbed, and Megalith sing about REAL problems that people go through such as depression and suicide, which are subjects most people don’t like to face which is why that genre isn’t accepted by most people which is very upsetting.You should look up the video for Inside The Fire by Disturbed, it’s extremely graphic but it’s real, which is why it’s my favorite music video.

In The Day That Never Comes by Metallic they sing about the war, that’s another great video. In my opinion a lot rock music is much more meaningful the much of the mainstream stuff. Now don’t mean to say all mainstream stuff has no meaning or value to it, I like both that and rock, but it’s just my opinion and analysis. Onto think rock music will influence young people in a bad way as such, and o be honest and Hip Hop are more likely to influence people in such a way.

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