Rock Music Styles

3 March 2018

Her Eng, “Give Me One Reason,” was produced in 1995, reaching to number three on the pop charts. This piece is one Of her more popular ones, because of her unique style that she uses, along with the musical elements that are effectively used. Although she has several music elements, will analyze the rhythm, timbre, and melody used in Chessman’s piece. The first dimension that I chose to focus on is Chessman’s use of her slow, easy-going rhythm. Her rhythm is simple and unique, but it definitely contributes to her music by her consistent rhythm and sounds.She uses an uneven beat subdivision that is used throughout her whole recording that sakes up the type of polymath.

The tempo is approximately 94 beats per minute, and the meter consists of having four beats in each bar. Chapman contributes a tone of West African polymath from the different rhythms of constant drums and guitar outbreaks. Along with Chessman’s brilliant use of rhythm, her timbre is what makes her music “hip,” in my opinion. She definitely makes use of her talents through the musical instruments used in the timbre of this song.It is a huge thing to be just a “singer,” but Tracy Chapman could not be Tracy Chapman, without her awesome guitar skills as well. She is just a very talented artist and musician. At the beginning of this piece, a soft guitar intro catches the ears of the audience to make up the introduction.

The guitar then leads his listeners to Chessman’s deep, rich voice. To tell you the truth when first heard one of Chessman’s songs on the radio, I thought she was a guy, because of how deep her voice was. She has such a unique tone, but that is what makes her music so good.Following her singing, almost immediately the timbre of the drums and tambourine chime in and maintain the constant back beat that I described earlier. The variety of the timbre used makes the sound of her music rich and exciting to some listeners. With the acoustic guitar, a constant beat of drums and tambourine, and a luxurious voice, how could anyone not enjoy Tracy Chessman’s music? I enjoy her music immensely! Her use and intelligent mixture of timbre quickly got her to the top, and represented folk-rock extremely well.Finally, if those musical elements haven’t convinced you enough of how awesome Chessman’s work is, let me tell you about another musical element that is used to enhance her sound.

Harmony is equally effective in adding to he creativity of this song. The twelve- bar blues is found in both the music and the text. Chapman does not have a crazy range of notes, but instead, she has a constant range, with few high vocals. There are also eighth-note pickups at the beginning of each chorus. This song consists of nine choruses, with the first and sixth choruses being instrumental. M glad that she has two choruses that are instrumental, so that listeners can have the chance to enjoy and more fully appreciate the sound of the acoustic guitar. I also think it helps the piece, and builds up for the verses of the songs.

It makes them ore exciting to listen and get into. In short, it provides a smooth transition into the verses. Chessman’s creative use of her musical elements makes her music one of a kind. Her music would not be near as good, if she did not have all these elements working together to produce her overall sound.It is safe to say that the musical elements that I mentioned are crucial and play a huge role in what makes up Tracy Chessman’s music. She has interwoven these musical dimensions that have made her music very popular and close to the soul. I think Tracy Chapman mastered the sound that she wanted in a creative way.

Hint she came up with her “own” unique style and did not imitate the sound of anyone else. The slow folk-rock is comparable to other music, but no one can imitate her voice combined with her guitar playing. Hint her music is without a doubt a successful effort, because her music is very unique sounding. Chapman puts her personal feelings into her music that make it where people want to listen and they can relate. Her songs consist of optimism, the beauty of nature, and humanity, that make it where people want to feel of her happiness and escape the everyday “wear and tear” of life. Especially dealing with the American civil rights movement ND the Vietnam War in the sixties, that was what a lot of artists continue to sing about.

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