Rock Or Bust by AC/DC

7 July 2019

The hard rockers from down under are Back In Black, and as legendary as ever! Their new, highly anticipated 15th studio album, “Rock Or Bust” stays true to their ‘guitar band’ sound. As soon as the first riff kicked in on the first Rock Or Bust by AC/DC track, I knew I was in for an (other) inconceivably outstanding performance from Angus Young, and proved once again that rock and roll is indeed not noise pollution. What I wasn’t expecting was Stevie Young’s ease in taking the place of his uncle, and one of the band’s founding members, Malcolm Young who is no longer with the band due to medical complications.

Brian Johnson’s vocal work still kicks butt and Angus can hold energy throughout; exactly what you’d expect from 60-somethings in a hard rock band. The riffs, solos, and licks are still in that good, old AC/DC fashion we’ve grown to love about the band.

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Go and buy the album, and crank those speakers up to eleven. The release is very much worth the money. And for those about to rock…

…We salute you.

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