Role model

If I would have to name a person who has had a significant influence on me I would definitely say, Yaya, my mom? s name, without even giving it a second though, I see her as a role model from every aspect, both in my professional and my private life, but I think her biggest influence on me has been to learn that women are capable of many things and we do not need to depend on anyone, that for love of what we study or what we do for a living and for the love to our families we can go far and succeed in all we do.

Just knowing that my mom gave up a lot for me and that she sacrificed many things to give me a better life inspires me daily, so I try to do everything with more dedication because I want her to feel proud of me and I want to give her the satisfaction of knowing that all her work was worth it and that all she has done for me paid off in the end.

Although she drives me crazy sometimes I always try to remember that she is just trying to make me a better person, to teach me and and she just wants the best for me because everything she does for me she does it with tons of love, we have our ups and downs but I have learned from our relationship that life is not easy and we may cross with people we don’t like but we as strong woman can fight against everything. She raised me as a single mom and me growing up in that environment, in a house without a father figure taught me that if we work hard and we put our heart into things for someone we love, we can move mountains.

I learned from her to be patient, to fight when I need too and to be persistent to accomplish my goals, I learned from her to believe in myself, that everything is possible and everything at the end will turn out the way we wanted. I value the unconditional support that she gives me all the time; she always encourages me and cheers me to face new challenges. Every time I have to accomplish a new goal I think about her and the way she would do it so that helps me a lot to go through the journey of life.

Whenever I need an opinion of confidence, I know that I can count on her and her words will come at the right time. In conclusion I could say that if I had to name one person that has marked the way I am and the way I think I would definitely say my mom because everything I know and everything I am I owe it to her and I hope to learn as much as I can from her now so when I have kids, teach them too, just the way my mom did with me and I hope my children see me as a role model in the same way I see my mom now.

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