Role Model

Role models are people who inspire others with their superior qualities and their commitment for a good cause. Here are some main characteristics of a role model. Parents often tell their children about looking up to people who set good examples in their lives. Such people often end up being role models for youngsters or even adults and their habits are often emulated. Positive people can have a positive effect on the lives of others. These role models are often leaders with an optimistic approach towards life.

Well, role models need not always be people from around the world but often; parents can also prove to be excellent role models for their children by helping them to imbibe good values in life. Here, we shall read about some of the main characteristics of a role model require to inspire people to follow their way. Humility is one of the characteristics you would need to look out for in a role model. Often, pop stars or even movie stars tend to influence the life of youngsters.

Well, these are not exactly considered to be ‘role models’ considering their behavior may not always inspire children to inculcate good habits. Humility in a person is extremely important as it shows the ability to be humble despite great achievements in life. A perfect role model would be one who respects others no matter his/her social status. Respect towards people would earn respect in return. The person who listens to others without being dictating in his/her approach would have all the factors to be successful in life.

This may seem a very minute characteristic but it can surely make a major positive difference in life. An intelligent person can be noticed in the mannerisms and how a person handles issues on a daily basis. One of the characteristics of a role model is his/her level of intelligence. Intelligence is something that cannot be measured merely by grades but how the person uses his/her intelligence to succeed in life and help others in return. Good habits help to make a person better in life.

Your role model should be having exemplary habits that should inspire you to improve yourself in life. Impeccable manners and kindness towards people are some characteristics that should be present in the role model you probably look up to. Commitment to a good cause is so very important in our lives. There are many people who have dedicated their lives to others. There are people who have overcome all adversities in life and have excelled despite all the odds.

These people have not only gone ahead in life but have helped others to improve their condition of life as well. A role model should therefore be a complete inspiration for others in terms of his/her work towards the society. Role models should always have a sense of integrity with strong values. A positive minded person who is loaded with enthusiasm can surely prove to be the best role model one can have in life! Examples of people who have always been role models Mother Teresa Helen Keller Mahatma Gandhi Florence Nightingale Harriet Tubman Albert Einstein Bill Gates

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