Role of ethics

6 June 2016
The role of ethics in our society is very necessary because it has a large influence on today as well as the future. Ethics plays a variety of different roles in people’s lives. They vary from the person, culture, and way of life the person leads. Ethics is a requirement in human life, because it helps us decide our course of action. No matter the gender, culture, or person, having good morals and living an ethical life should be the most important thing to acquire in a lifetime. I believe that ethics can help you live a better life.

From birth my parents have taught me what they think is the difference between good and bad, and what is right and wrong based on what their parents taught them. Their way of thinking, influenced me and helped me to continue on the right path. It is only natural that when I have my own children that I will pass down and teach them what I know to behave ethically as well.

Ethical parameters determine my actions and thoughts. I am able to feel when I am doing something right and when something is morally wrong. The number one way of setting my parameters is by using what I have been taught by my parents to determine if I should allow what other people think to determine the way I react to a situation. If I feel that it is wrong to do something someone tells me to do, I will not do it. I am happy with the way I live my life because I am satisfied that I am doing things ethically based on what I truly believe is morally right.
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