Role of Project Management

9 September 2016

It worth’s to direct this discussion into a imaginary period where basic project management concepts doesn’t exist rather than just expressing the role of project management at the beginning, which would ,at the conclusion of writing may give a clear picture to the reader what I had been trying to convey here. Actually, implementing a project without project management principles would be a mess. There may not be many practical examples to prove this because all the ongoing projects and the completed ones are done according to the methodologies of project management.

Without these methodologies there would be no obvious plan, goals, time or cost limitations to be dealt with. The responsible team would not know where they are going, what are the specifics, who will do what and when. As the result, the project would stop where it began leaving some painful losses for the relative initiators. So, the role of project management has a massive impact on the success in any project as it drives the whole structure on the right path.

Role of Project Management Essay Example

Simply, project management can be elaborated as managing four basic elements of a project which are resources, time, money and most importantly the scope. All these elements are interrelated and should be balanced and managed together in order to reach the pinnacle. Being oblivious in one element could cost the whole project to be a loss. Accurate managing of above mentioned elements describes the role of project management. Identifying the scope of project is the priority here which teaches what and where the limitations are.

It is equally important to define what is not included in the scope of project. So the process would not jump off the track at the implementation level. The management should concentrate on the available resources as well and they have to determine human resources, machinery and equipments and money allocated for the specific project and should see whether they can deliver or not with the availability. Can the project management reach the ‘finish’ mark within the given time frame?

This is the next question to be answered by them, not verbally but by actions. It is not practical and realistic that the plan can be implemented as it is in the book. So time management and deadline of the project becomes a challenge for the management team. Change of plans take place due to various reasons such as economical, social, and technological values. Let’s say, as an example a building which should be constructed according to the project needs to be expanded to enhance the architectural view and economical lucrative of it.

So the role of the management here is to come up with a solution such as doing overtime in order to complete the task within the deadline. Next duty of the project management is to develop a plan including series of steps they are going to follow. For better results, a discussion of the management team or the staff would be ideal and questions will be asked and contradictory ideas will pop up at the meeting. Therefore, much agreed plan would remain ultimately. After the completion of planning the project management should step in to the implementation level.

Most often than not, there will be slow progress in the beginning. But with the working unit getting used to the system will accelerate it. Anyhow, the progress of the project needs to be monitored carefully by the project management. That would help to identify issues in every department. Giving immediate solutions for the problems will stop any bad effects. Project management has to document everything. Most essentials are the changes, added features, removed features.. Etc. If any problem arises after the completion of the project these documents gives the guidance to solve it.

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