Role of Students in Disaster Management.

4 April 2017

What is the role of students in managing earthquake? A student should teach the illitrate people (villagers) how to be aware from earthquakes i. e the precautions to be taken when an earthquake occurs. He/she should help the sufferers of earthquake that they can , i. e by collecting funds with the help of their friends and giving it to them. they shold give their old clothes ,books ,etc for the children who lost their parents in the disaster. they should try to spend some time with them to make them forget their sadness

Students have a major role to play in managing disasters. They can: •Spread awareness about disasters and tips to handle them. •Organise mock camps in their holidays in neighboring villages to train people to cope up with disasters like earthquakes •Be part of ’emergency rescue teams’ – mostly the training goes side by side along with ‘compulsory military training’ programs (another opinion: search and rescue is a highly specialized job and should be left to professionals) A big aspect of disaster management is preparedness.

Role of Students in Disaster Management. Essay Example

The basic role of the student is AWARENESS of what to do during and after disasters. This would lessen panicking, paranoid and uncontrollable people running around. Knowing what to do when disaster strikes will also lessen the death toll. Knowing what to do after disaster, and at least basic first aid, will enable students help the authorities in saving lives. All communities should have some type of disaster plan in place. The police, fire, and first aid departments all have special communication devices, such as pagers, radios and cell phones.

Disaster planning relies on volunteers who are willing to take responsibility even when there is no available outside help. The first step is locating survivors, next is calling for help, then locating resources such as first aid supplies, transportation, food and water, and shelter for the survivors. Each rescue department will have their own priorities and tasks for the disaster. Communication and teamwork will help the departments work together. This is essential as outside help may not be available for some time.

Disaster drills before such events will give volunteers the experience to know what to do. All volunteers and paid personnel such as police, hospitals, fire and rescue squads benefit from such drills. On 8th October 2005 A grave earthquake hit Norhtern Pakistan killing over 70,000 people in few seconds. Here was the role of our students which can be learnt by others: 1) Lined up for blood donation 2) Helped blood collection 3) Helped in Hospitals in many ways e. g. with tests, with food, with clothes, wiith untensil 4)Created make shift hosptials in community centers ) Brought toys for the children and read stories to them 6) Put the pictures of the missing relatives on boards and transmitted to variuos police stations throughout areas as a resutl not a single child missed 7) Collected all sorts of donations and cash for the victims 8) Arranged very organized force in terms of proper identity cards, proepr assignment of jobs according to the ability, place, need in the hospital and in the field 9) Made rounds in the hospitals 10) Helped Doctors and patients in shifting, getting lab results and provideing medicine etc. etc. etc.

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