Romantic Love

7 July 2016

You see someone attractive across the room and that feeling of love rushes into your head, but is it really love? I believe that there is no such thing as “love at first sight”, you feel physically attracted but not mentally connected. How can you truly be in love with someone that you have just met? In loving a person you have to know about them, have a mental connection and bond. If you just look at someone you are attracted to him or her, not in love. Love is almost like a drug in the sense that people crave it, need it, and sometimes—will do almost anything for it.

So how can you be in love if you have just looked at them? Everyone has seen at least one movie of a guy falling in love with a girl that he just looked at, no bond or knowledge of each other whatsoever. In just under a second the human brain can determine if someone is physically attractive, old, young, tall, or short. In the first three minutes of talking to someone you can make up your mind if that person could be a potential partner. Only 10% of marriages happened because of “love at first sight” (or as we now know it as attraction at first sight).

Romantic Love Essay Example

This percentage isn’t high for a reason, you can’t be in love with someone you have just seen, or even met. Studies show the more that you talk to someone the more inclined you are to falling in love with them eventually. Things that also attribute to relationships are social and economic level, within these three minutes of first talking to someone, most people can sum the other up and decide if the man or woman is in their level. Next time you see someone across the room take your chance, although it may not be “love” at first sight in just three minutes you could potentially have a partner.

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