This paper takes a detailed look at the Romantic era through the works of various authors including Wordsworth, Blake, and Shelly.

This paper is a comparison of the Romantic Era and the Neoclassical Age. The romantics looked into their souls, and their hearts for what moved them to write. Unlike the previous period which was very analytical, and unemotional, the Romantic era created a radical change in poetic style and mentality. The Romantic era also saw the return of the sonnet and the ballad.
From the paper:

“Romantic poetry was first and foremost written to play on a man or woman?s emotions; everything else performed a secondary function. Nature and children no longer played small parts in Romantic literature, but were often found as the central point to a poem. Romanticism is interesting because not only does it base its views on historical values, but also because it is radically different to the previous Age of Enlightenment. The two are completely opposite to one another, sharing no values or points of view.”

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