Romeo and Juliet Essay Sample

Act I
1. Who is Prince Escalus? What lines indicate his feelings about the feuding? * He is the prince of Verona. In other words he is like the city manager or a peace keeper * If of all time you disturb our streets once more. Your lives shall pay the forfeit of the peace. 2. What information is Benvolio able to acquire from Romeo?

* The unhappiness Romeo feels for the fact that Rosaline will ne’er be with Romeo. 3. What sort of friend is Benvolio?
* He is a good friend and one of Romeo’s best friends. 4. Why has Paris come to see Lord Capulet?
* To inquire Lord Capulet for Juliet’s manus in matrimony. 5. How old is Juliet?
* Juliet is 13 old ages old.
6. Why does Benvolio desire Romeo to go to the Capulet’s party? * He wants Romeo to look into out other misss.
7. What happened to the nurse’s girl?
* She died at birth.
8. What purpose do Nurse’s jog about Juliet function? * They serve to demo that she is a really comedic/ridiculous character and besides Juliet’s confidante. 9. How does Juliet experience about acquiring married?

* She doesn’t believe she is ready yet. but will maintain her options open. 10. Would it be a compliment to be called “a wax of a man” ? * Yes. it means a fine-looking adult male.
11. At the terminal of Act I. who are the lone people who know about Romeo and Juliet’s feelings? * Romeo and Juliet.

Act II
1. Does Juliet cognize that Romeo is in the grove when she steps onto the balcony? * No she doesn’t know.
2. Why did Friar Laurence agree to get married Romeo and Juliet? * He thought it would halt the contention between the two households. 3. What would you state Friar Laurence’s “hobby” is?
* Gardening.
4. What was Juliet’s response when the Nurse returned from her meeting topographic point with Romeo? * She was impatient and wanted to cognize what happened now! 5. Why did Mercutio badger the Nurse when she came to happen Romeo? * She looked like a canvas in her outfit.

6. Who challenged Romeo to a affaire d’honneur in a missive?
* Tybalt.

1. At first. why does Romeo decline to contend with Tybalt?
* They are now cousins
2. How did Mercutio acquire stabbed?
* Romeo tried to interrupt up the battle and Tybalt stabbed him under Romeo’s arm. 3. What was the crowd’s reaction after Mercutio was stabbed? * ? ? ?
4. What does Lady Capulet think should go on to Romeo after he killed Tybalt? * That he should be killed.
5. Why does Friar Laurence acquire angry with Romeo when he keeps whining? * He should be happy that he is being banished non being put to decease. 6. After the affaire d’honneur. where does Romeo conceal?
* He hides in the square/alley.
7. What type of bird is the trumpeter of the forenoon?
* Lark.
8. What would Juliet instead do than get married Paris?
* Kill herself.

Act IV
1. Why does Paris visit with Friar Laurence?
* To state him about the good intelligence that he traveling to be get marrieding Juliet. 2. Why does Juliet implore forgiveness from her male parent?
* Juliet apologizes to her male parent because she is be aftering to travel along with Friar Lawrence’s program to take the sleeping potion. and she does non desire her male parent to stay angry with her 1 ) in instance it doesn’t work and kills her alternatively and 2 ) so that he will non be leery. 3. What will Juliet make if the kiping drug does non work? * She will seek to kill herself.

4. Why doesn’t Friar Laurence merely state Paris that Juliet is already married to Romeo? * He doesn’t want to acquire in problem and he is scared to state anything. Act V
1. Who is Balthasar and what portion does he play in Act V?
* Romeo’s retainer who tells him about Juliet’s”death” . 2. Who does Romeo happen at the grave?
* Paris.
3. Why did Friar Laurence leave Juliet at the grave after she found Romeo dead? * He was scared.
4. Where did Friar Laurence want to take Juliet after she awakened? * To his cell.
5. What is the chief point of Friar Laurence’s address after everyone shows up at the graveyard? * That this was caused by the two households contending.

6. What do Lord Montague and Lord Capulet O at the terminal of the drama? * They make peace.
Elizabethan Vocabulary:
Abhor: protest. disgust
Dirge: different mob
Revel: engage in lively and noisy celebrations
Heroism: great bravery in the face of danger
Joke: to lean a tourney
Presage: a mark or warning
Deplorable: unforgettable. too bad
Anon: shortly. shortly
Whither: dice
Hither: to a topographic point
Affray: unravel or go worn at the border
Shrift: confession. absolution
Pensive: engaged in. affecting. or reflecting deep or serious thought Resentment: resentment or resentfulness
Chide: nag or reproof

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