Romeo and Juliet vs. Vivre Sa Vie

This essay compares the modernity in the films “Romeo and Juliet” and “Vivre Sa Vie”.

This paper examines how the breakdown of authority and religion in society has been weakening society for years. The author discusses how in films this breakdown is part of an artistic movement called modernity, and uses the films “Romeo and Juliet” and “Vivre Sa Vie” as examples of the movement.

From the Paper:

“Modernity is described as the making of the new. It was inspired with the rise of consumerism, and of middle class or bourgeois values. New forms of photography can artistically display it as cinematography in visual culture, as well as in the topics and subjects of films, plays, and television shows. There are three main aspects of modernity, breaking down of authority including religion, consumer culture and basic societal consumption, and the mixing and combining of genres.”

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