Rondalla’s Struggle to Past Until Present Essay Sample

7 July 2017

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Rondalla’s Struggle to Past Until Present Essay Sample
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This research paper widens the cognition of people. particularly for the younger coevalss. about the being and importance of Filipino Folk Music through researching the universe of Rondalla. It shows the importance Rondalla to the Filipino society through researching its roots. ( where it originated ) and through showcasing the methods of resurgence of the art at present. This research pushes one to research its tract of development until it bloomed and became an of import factor for the Filipino civilization. Rondalla is more than merely a group of stringed instruments. it is a group showcasing the beauty of our ain music with the integrity and singularity of its tune from other states. Finally. this research. aside from giving the Acts of the Apostless and facets of Rondalla. besides makes one aware of the impairment of the art and persuades one to forestall its loss from our ain Filipino civilization.

One of the greatest ways to show oneself is through music. It brings out one’s emotions and can act upon the tempers and feeling of a individual. Music can function a batch of intent: it can be used as agencies of communicating and it can even be a medical specialty for the psyche ; but the most common intent of music is for amusement.

In the early yearss. with our ancestor’s limited cognition of. they merely know how to bring forth simple sounds and tunes through the limited beginnings in their environment along with their creativeness and resourcefulness. As clip base on balls. because of people’s wonder and thirst for cognition of music. they began to seek and research new things to heighten their construct about music. For case. before. the instruments used to bring forth. music were mere stuffs available in the environment. but now. people were able to come up with new tools and instruments. Soon. great figure of instruments were invented that they were classified into groups. like chordophone. idiophone and drum. Then. people formed groups harmonizing to their categorization. tune they produce and to their gustatory sensation of music ; groups like stone set. orchestra and our ain Rondalla.

Rondalla is a bequest that we inherited from our great ascendants ; it is an art that gives more life and colour to our already rich civilization. it is the sound that enhances the singularity of Filipino music. and most of all. it is the 1 that strengthens and remind us the true beauty of our Filipino roots. But because of what we call neo- colonialism. we tend to pretermit our ain civilization and prefer the influences given to us by other states. Even though our coevals now exists under the modernised epoch. we must non wholly “shut out” our ain music which is a large portion of our rich heritage. It is indispensable for us to maintain parts of our civilization. particularly Rondalla. from extinction because these parts of our civilization is what defines our Philippine civilization. Statement of the Problem:

This research aims to carry its readers to cognize how great and of import Rondalla is. It besides informs everyone that we have a music that we should continue because it is one of the most of import factors that define our Philippine civilization.

History of Rondalla
A Rondalla is an ensemble of stringed instruments that are played with a pick or choice. Rondalla’s originated in Spain but became most popular in Philippine common people music. Philippine Rondalla instruments are made of native Philippine wood and played with a tortoise-shell pick. The word “Rondalla” is from the Spanish ronda. intending “serenade. ” The nucleus instruments of Spanish Rondallas are the guitar. the mandolin and the luting. Rondallas normally are accompanied by at least one vocalist and sometimes by percussionists playing hand-held instruments. The first version says in the beginning it was a group of immature work forces who went around on a regular basis playing and vocalizing in forepart of the houses. The 2nd version says it was a group of instrumentalists imploring for alms. The group it says was called murza or murga and there were besides groups like it in Spain and Mexico. The 3rd version says it was a instrumentalists group playing on the phase and that it was called comparza.

And a 4th version says that it was a typical music group popular among universities in Spain as the estudiantina — tuna for short. The members of the group played mandolins. fiddles. guitars. flutes. cellos. basses. tambourines. boness. and trigons and the pupils donned pirate costumes.

The footings comparza and Rondalla seemed popular in the higher strata of musical society. They have the same intension. In the Philippines. the term comparza was popularly applied to the group merely during the Spanish government and up to the early old ages of the American domination. and subsequently on. the Rondalla took over.

Timeline ( Evolution of Rondalla ) :
* 16th century-String instruments existed in Spain. conveying with them Spanish Rondalla. foremost with bandurias. fiddles. guitars. flutes cellos. basses. tambourines. boness and trigons but was changed into 14 stringed instrument added by other instruments normally made by Philippine wood like langka. kamagong narra and ballantinao to modify Filipino civilization.

* 18th century- Introduced in the different parts of the Philippines. The widespread of Rondalla in the whole state because it was normally used for amusement for invitees chiefly alongside with Philippine Folk dance.

* 19th century–It has enriched the musical life of Filipinos of all ages. Rondalla was non merely considered as an concomitant for Philippine common people dance but an independent music every bit good. It is because several Rondalla pieces was composed. More personalities come arise like Antonio Molina. Comparza Joaquin. which played aboard the American Luxury Liner ; groups like Rondalla Ideal. Rondalla Filarmonica Juvenal ( composed of adolescents ) and Yellow Taxi Rondalla by Lucio San pedro

* 1949- All-Star Filipino Rondalla by Juan Silos Jr. . besides known as male parent of Rondalla. encompassed Filipino music through Rondalla. Different instrumentality has formed like piccolo. bandurria. laud. octavina. guitar and bass that became the criterion Filipino Rondalla instruments. percussion instruments were added subsequently.

* 1960- It became popular in the Philippines and they on a regular basis competed.

* 1963- 1st Rondalla completion that was aired at ABS-CBN Television ‘’Hamon SA kampeon”

* Nov. 12. 1978- Enrico Pio Toledo presented a rondalla festival at the CCP chief theatre. Beforehand. Rondalla competitions were held in engagement with NAMCYA ( National Music Competitions for Young Artists ) in CCP.
* 1998- Fil-Am veteran’s rondalla formed by George Gange – Gauge was truly portion of the naval forces and was given acknowledgments because of outstanding service. but he is besides a good instrumentalist and became a portion of Rondalla since kid.
– The kababayang rondalla was formed

* Late 20th to early 20st century- The popularity in Japan has waned. but groups in other states. including the US and Japan help maintain the tradition alive. Further groups of
Rondalla was formed. even schools that were foremost established by Silos. Schools of
Rondalla like St. Anthony’s Institution. Centro Escolar University. Assumption College.
Stelle Maris College
-Rondalla innovators can be classified into two.
1. Foreign based- ex: Joseph Eustace Earl Peter’s NUS or National University of Singapore for Musical Activities.
2. Filipino based-ex: Bayani Mendoza de Leon’s Pasakat- Samahan Rondalla

* 2004- First international Rondalla festival in Bicol part.

* 2007- 2nd international Rondalla festival in Dumaguete City – a hebdomad long assemblage of plucked threading Masterss from Europe. Asia. The Arab part. Australia and the Philippines.
* 2010- 3rd Internation Rondalla Festival: Cuerdas ng Pagkakaysa *International Festivals for Rondalla were established to resuscitate the spirit of Rondalla.

Instruments of Rondalla
The instruments of the standard Filipino Rondalla have similarities in construction and are played with a pick made out of polo-neck shell. besides called “pick” by others. except for the bass guitar ( dual bass ) which is played by “plucking” . Except for the guitar and bass guitar. all are 14- stringed consisting of six ( 6 ) sets of strings tuned in the intervals of fourths. each set consisting of 1. 2 or 3 string/s. The intent of the doubling or tripling of strings is to bring forth better sound and increase tone volume.

The standard Filipino rondalla instruments are: bandurria. octavina. laud. guitar. dual bass and percussions.
A. Chief Instruments:

A. 1 Bandurria

The bandurria is a little instrument played by a pick. originally found in Spain and parts of Latin America.

Filipino creative persons copied the Spanish guitar and bandurria during the Spanish colonial epoch. These two instruments. combined with several other new instruments. became the base of the Filipino Rondalla.

Besides the regular Bandurria. there is the piccolo Bandurria. It is smaller in size and shaped like a teardrop. Both the regular bandurria and the piccolo bandurria have six sets of strings tuned in intervals of fourths: the first highest threading being G ( colloidal suspension ) . followed by

D ( rhenium ) . A ( La ) . E ( myocardial infarction ) . B ( Si ) . and F # ( fa # ) .

The piccolo bandurria resembles the standard bandurria. but is tuned an octave higher. It plays all signifiers of fluctuations. while the standard bandurria plays tune. A. 2 Guitar

The guitar is a stringed instrument that belongs to the lute household ; it is either plucked or strummed and it plays the beat for the rondalla. It has frets on the fingerpost. six strings. made of wood and has sidewalls swerving inward. and a level back. At the Centre of its face is a hole from which sound is produced within the chamber. The strings of a classical guitar is either a combination of nylon strands with all right metal spun around it while a modern twenty-four hours guitars makes usage of metal for all strings. Nineteen stews of Ag or nickel grade the guitar’s entire scope of three-and-a-half octaves. The guitar is tuned harmonizing to the state criterion. get downing from the lowest to the highest: E. A. D. G. B. and E.

A. 3 Laud
The laud is a tear-shaped instrument used in the Philippine rondalla. It is similar in form to the bandurria. but has f-holes alternatively of the usual unit of ammunition hole of the bandurria. and a longer cervix.

The laud is tuned in the same mode as the bandurria: from the highest G. D. A.
E. B. and F # . The laud. nevertheless. is tuned an octave lower than the bandurria. It chiefly plays the contrapuntal parts ( countermelody ) or the 2nd voice for others. A. 4 Octavina

The octavina is a musical instrument modelled after the Spanish guitar. and the regular portion of the Philippine rondalla. It looks like little guitar. with a unit of ammunition hole in the center. Unlike the guitar. nevertheless. it has six sets of twofold stings. and is played with a pick. It is turned in the same mode as the bandurria but. like the laud. it is tuned as octave lower: its pitches. get downing from the highest are G. D. A. E. B. and F # .

What the tenor voice to the choir. the octavina is to the rondalla. It often plays the melodious counter parts or fills in the harmoniousnesss be playing the lower notes in concomitant or in unison with the bass.
A. 5 Double Bass
The Double Bass is a violin-shaped plucked instrument It is similar to the fiddle but it is bigger. and tuned in contrary to the fiddle: from the highest G. D. A. and E. The dual bass dramas as a background to the tune.
The bass voice of the choir is the function of the dual bass. It helps with the kineticss of the tune: heavy and light.
B. Secondary Instruments

B. 1 Mandolin

The mandolin is a pear-shaped plucked stringed instrument of Italian beginning belonging to the lute household. An unfastened sound hole lies below the root of the cervix. Earlier mandolins had round sound holes. while ulterior 1s featured oblong sound holes. The low wooden span has tusk or bone facing. A home base of tortoise shell or hardwood above the span protects the organic structure from being scratched by the pick with which the mandolin is played. The instrument has a short cervix with a fingerpost furnished with 14 to 17 fixed stews of metal or tusk. and spaced in half steps. The nog holder is level and dead set somewhat backwards. There are eight strings arranged in dual classs. The tonic scope is two octaves and one tone. from G to A. Tuning is in fifths: G. D. A. E.

B. 2 Violin

The fiddle is a bowed twine instrument. the organic structure of which is a bosomy hollow box about 35. 5 centimeter long. The organic structure is divided into three exactly proportioned subdivisions ; the center. being the narrowest. looks like a “waistline” .

Unlike the bandurria. it has two f-shaped sound holes in the center of the sounding board.

It has four strings tuned to G. D. A. and E.

The fiddle plays different fluctuations in the rondalla and plays the tune every bit good.

B. 3 Percussion
Other instruments in the twine and percussion subdivisions are added when the rondalla must presume a symphonic stature. In this instance the figure of participants additions proportionally duplicating or trebling the figure of original and reliable instruments of the group. The bass membranophone. trap membranophone. cymbal. trigon. tambourine. xylophone. kettle and boiler may be added for the rhythmic effects.

In illustration ; the UPA & A ; F Rondalla uses the maracas in one of their musical rendering. Maracas are gourd or gourd-shaped rattlings filled with seeds or pebbles and used frequently in braces as a rhythmic instrument.

Rondalla. in the earlier times is an eight- member Rondalla ensemble normally has four bandurrias. one laud. one octavina. one guitar. and one bass guitar. A larger group of 30 members. would hold 16 bandurrias. 3 piccolos. 3 laud. 3 octavinas. 3 guitars and 2 basses. Today. figure of members or instruments per subdivision: bandurria. octavina or laud. guitar. dual bass may hold equal distribution. and a drumset for the percussions.

The Importance of Rondalla
Role of Rondalla in the Filipino Culture
Filipinos. before. are used with all the music around them. They make music out of shredded bamboos and some other forests. Music has been a wont to the Filipinos. As the Spaniards foremost introduced the guitar to the Filipinos. they. the Filipinos. grew an involvement in larning how to play a guitar. The Spaniards so introduced Rondalla and made a Rondalla group composed of Filipinos. Not for long. the Filipinos. particularly the young person. were really eager to be a member of the Rondalla group.

Rondalla has been a portion of the Philippine’s civilization and one of the Filipino Music.

The Rondalla group are frequently played in ;
* Fetes
* Weddings
* Folk Dances
* Other particular Occasionss
Its compabability with native Philippines music allowed the Rondalla to calculate conspicuously in Filipino rural community life. supplying concomitant to folk dance and vocalizing every bit good as a featured ensemble. Rondalla became the footing of music in the Filipino civilization and was used in mundane life of people. It besides justified the music of common people dance because of their characteristics like preciseness of the notes and pleasant harmoniousness of sounds. It besides became a medium of communicating before to show one’s feelings in a batch different manner particularly love. for case. the manner work forces tribunal adult females before.

Filipino Rondalla has a great function in the Philippines as it has a batch of vocals from the “Musikang Panlipi” to the modern vocals today. They bind with the common people music and common people dances. The Rondalla limit their undermentioned repertory ;

* Folk music
* Folk dances
* Kundiman
* Waltz
* Danza
* Balitaw
* March music
* Modern music
* Contemporary tunes
* Foreign and Filipino classics

Rondalla serves as one of the Philippine’s “Katutubong musika” . Even though it has originated from Spain. it has been considered as one of our civilization. It’s function in the Philippines is to do and allow all Philippine common people civilization to remain alive. The figure one vocal. accompanied by the Rondalla. made the Filipino civilization stay alive. this vocal is famously titled Kalesa. Tinikling is a common people dance chiefly accompanied by the Rondalla

Over the old ages. Rondalla has achieved great memories to some Filipino instrumentalists. Because of thede composers. they have gave more involvement to some young persons to fall in the Rondalla group. Juan Silos besides known as the “Ama nanogram Rondalla” are one of those great Filipino instrumentalists who gave involvement to the young person.

Presents. Rondalla is easy fading as a new modernized age came. Others wanted to continue Rondalla as our ain native music. The University of the Philippines Alumni & A ; Friends Rondalla proposed a concert circuit around and outside the state. The intent the U. P & A ; F. R suggest this sort of concert is to ;

* To advance the Filipino cultural heritage through autochthonal musical instruments * To continue and advance the native music of the Philippines * To propagate the Rondalla as a native twine ensemble

Importance of Rondalla in People or Personalities in Music
Rondalla is more than merely a group of stringed instrument to other people. To them it means more than that for they know its deeper significance and value to our state and our civilization. Some illustration of these people are: Bayani De Leon. a author and composer. who attempted to transform Rondalla to symphonic entity and said that the effort in Rondalla composings is to accomplish two goals:1 ) to demo capacity of the Rondalla of construing classical music and 2 ) to give the Rondalla a symphonic position ; Juan Silos Jr. . a composer and organizer. or besides known as the “Father of Rondalla” who organized several groups who al displayed versatility with the public presentation of classical composings particularly Tchaikovsky’s ; and who can bury Ramon Santos. who. besides his high international academic attainment in music. went back to his fatherland to larn. to learn and to assist in resuscitating Rondalla. They are merely among the plenty people who practically devote their lives into conveying back Rondalla and maintaining it alive. They do this without bearing in head of someday going celebrated because. but they do this because they want to and take to. The importance of Rondalla on their lives can be seen in every agreement. composing and work they make. Every individual note in their composing and work they make. Every individual note in their composing shows their belief of the demand for Rondalla in our civilization.

Importance of Rondalla in Music itself:
In every large things created by humanity every now and so. smaller spots of what made up these large things are frequently non given attending. like the beginning of our music today. common people music. When we say Rondalla one can instantly link it to folk music. Folk music did a really large portion in our community today. it helped the development of music that resulted to a wider and more beautiful range that partially defined our civilization and finally. besides defined the nature of people of today. Rondalla is of import to music because Filipino Rondalla has a broad repertory. runing from common people to modern and modern-day melodies every bit good as Filipino and foreign classics. This means. like orchestras. brass set or sway it can picture and showcase modern tunes and classical melodies. but unlike them. Rondalla can picture Filipino’s common people music which is the root of every music that we hear of now. Rondalla’s flexible ability to play Western European vocals. largely arias and symphonic overtures. modern-day music at the same clip common people music. exposes a hearers ears non merely to the melody of what we call modern vocals but besides to the melodious subject of common people that besides makes them cognizant and appreciate our ain civilization.

Rondalla besides gives the light life. expressive and emotional feeling of music. Time have so took up its consequence in music. it opens to what we call heavy music and may convey up to a dark aura. opposite to the bosom buoy uping sound of traditional music.

Rondalla is so of import to music. which is why even though people have slightly neglected this sort of music. others are still seeking to resuscitate it. to besides resuscitate Filipino music. That is why festivals like the “Cuerdas ng Pagkakaysa” for Filipinos non to wholly bury about this music and for immature coevalss to cognize about this music more. “We surely hope that this festival will non merely prolong the development of an of import musical patrimony but more significantly will besides advance planetary peace and understanding through a shared music tradition. ” said Santos. It shows that through this sort of music. one will non merely look merely at theorigin music may besides see the kernel of integrity that it may convey to all. Decision

Rondalla gives a batch of facet in us Filipinos ; it defines us Filipinos. our roots and our civilization. It gives us manner to appreciate common people music at the same clip the kernel of civilization and music itself. It uplifts the spirit of us Filipinos with the strength of our alone music to do us unite. Rondalla is more than a group of stringed instrument. it is a group full of foundations of the Filipino civilization. A group capable of unlocking the disregarded hoarded wealths of the past. But because of different factors that changed humanity. because of modernness. we tend to bury these roots. these bequest that our ascendants left us. In return. we must pay back to our ascendants the rich civilization they gave us through continuing this. and we. particularly the following coevalss must unify and protect it to do Filipino’s heritage stronger and richer.


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