Rooftop Garden

4 April 2017

World without green is a nightmare. Trees are utmost important to maintain ecological balance of the earth. Unfortunately greedy nature of human being causes earth to lose its green color by cutting down trees. As a result green house effect takes place and put human lives in great danger. Climate change being a hot issue in recent years. Ice in the North Pole is melting and the sea level height is increasing. Several countries of the world have already experienced the effect of climate change. In Bangladesh the picture is much more violent.

Bangladesh is one of the main victims for this climate change. A country needs twenty five percent of its land occupied by forest to maintain its ecological balance. But here the percentage is much less. In Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh the city dwellers hardly seen any green around them. Every inch piece of land is occupied by concrete structure. The solution lies on to make garden on roof top of house. But, people are very much busy with their daily life. To make a garden and to maintain it is quite difficult for the busy city dwellers.

If people can make vegetable garden along with flower garden, it will ensure supply of fresh vegetables for them. Vegetables and fruits that city people eat are mixed with chemical which are hazardous to their health. A roof top vegetable garden can be mind soothing site as well as source of fresh vegetables for the city dwellers. “Roof top vegetable garden” is a concept of product. It will construct at the roof top of the house. It consists of 10-12 different types of vegetables. This will ensure fresh supply of vegetables along the year. 1. 1 Objective:

The study objective is to identify market characteristics of the product “Roof top Vegetable Garden. ” Specific objective: ? Preference of the vegetables (summer season) which customers want to include in their product. ? Preference of the vegetables (winter season) which customers want to include in their product. ? Trace out demographic pattern (e. g. ; income level, profession, free time) of the customers. 1. 2 Methodology: Sources of data: Primary source of data is used for analysis of the study. The questionnaire based survey is conducted Formal questionnaire is prepared for surveying the customers.

Sample size: Simple random sampling method was used for selection of sample. 21 house owners were selected for questionnaire survey. 1. 3 Data Analysis Technique: Customers’ prefers one vegetable to another. To find out which vegetables are most preferable to customers’ a weighted average technique is used called Mean score of relative importance (MSRI). MSRI technique, which is a descriptive statistical technique, is administered for analyzing the collected data due to the similarity of the nature of collected data.

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