Roots and Stems

12 December 2016

Roots, stems, and leaves are the three main components of a plant. They are vital to a plant’s survival, and without them, the plant would die. Each component has a different function and varying appearances. A leaf’s main function in the plant is to produce energy through photosynthesis. They absorb sunlight and create sugar. The leaf then constantly sends energy throughout the stem, roots, and other parts of the plant. Sometimes leaves are also used for protection against animals that are a threat to the plant’s health and survival.

They come in different shapes and sizes. Some are smaller and rounder than others, while some are in the shape of needles like a cactus. Leaves are essential in the obtainment of energy for plants. Stems have two primary functions in the plant. They are needed to support the leaves, flowers, or fruit that the plant may produce, and they transport water and other nutrients in the plant. Other functions include storing carbohydrates, nutrients, and water. Rhizomes or underground stems, tubers, and bulbs are different types of stems.

A sign of a healthy stem is when the stem is erect because this creates the most support for the plant. Roots are the most important feature for a plant’s health. Functions of the roots include providing anchorage, absorbing water and nutrients, and transporting the water and nutrients throughout the parts of the plant. They tend to grow away from sunlight and towards water in order to obtain the most water possible. Another important job is that they store starch which allows photosynthesis to occur.

There are two types of roots: tap roots and fibrous roots. Tap roots are large, and they provide the most anchorage possible while fibrous roots are threadlike, and give the plant the most exposure to water and minerals. There are many different other parts of the plant, but these three are the most important. Without them there would be no plants, and without plants there would be no oxygen for us to breathe. The human race needs the roots, stems, and leaves to continue functioning because if they don’t, we may find ourselves facing extinction.

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